A varied bunch net good results

One of the positives that really attracts me to using Currawong Lakes in our tour packages is it enables me to look after a group of anglers/friends who have a wide range of fly fishing skills and be confident they will all have a good time. This is Tim, novice fly fisher wanting to improve skills, who hooked up early on the damsel fly nymph.

Off to a good start Tim

Next it is Craig, never fly fished before, he is into his first ever trout on the dry.

Big rainbow and ever ‘bigger’ grin… well done Craig

Finally Ben, an accomplished fly fisher, but keen to learn more… like how a Blue Damsel fly performs!

… some serious rod control needed here!

Ben demonstrates a fine netting technique with this one.

Next day on the ‘hopper pattern success of Craig’s, Ben is at it again with top net skills.

No wonder Craig’s smile is so big, this was a 2.2lb+ wild brown trout on the river… a top result for any Tassie river fly fisher.

Fish join fun for charity day!

Sally and Matt purchased our fly fishing package as part of a ‘Tasmania tour’ Pink Cup cancer day in Queensland.

Neither had ever fly fished before so Matt was delighted with this beautiful rainbow on the dry on his first day.

And Sally gets this nice buck on the emerger… might be a tad bigger than Matt’s!
Both had previously lost one on the nymphs when learning the fly on water techniques, so a very happy ending for both.

“Young” Ralph still hooks them

Here Ralph (88 years young) delights in his first of many in our latest trip. 3.5lbs wild brown …yes… on the Blue Damsel again.

A beautifully-conditioned trout returned to live on.

Another hookup, this time on the dark brown emerger!

Then it was rainbow action the next day…

… and river wild brown action… on the ‘ hoppers!

A beautifully conditioned brownie, sighted, stalked and cast to by Ralph…not bad two days shy of your 89th birthday!
Ralph is the oldest Currawong Lakes and wild trout rivers angler Red Tag has guided. Long life and many more hookups Ralph!
The ‘hopper season is looking great and March (best month for same) has a number of spots open.

Mum provides… again!

John, Pippa & son Tom, all geared up and ready for their first fly-fishing experience.

Tom ‘hard at it’ searching for his 1st — lost a good one, but struck out on others.

John had three on but all broke-off, good fish all of them…

So it was up to Mum to sight… stalk… and land the trout.

Pippa with this brown, provided the contribution that Tom was so urgently trying to catch for his friends’ luncheon gathering!

Some trips are tougher than others

Another regular ‘Tagger, Phil, nipped over for a couple of days ‘R&R’ by way of ‘FoF’ (Fish on Fly). Plan was day1 at Currawong

This was success on day 1 — nice brown taken on the dry — when we finally found a ‘feeder’.

Lakes day 2 on rivers, search as Phil did, overnight rain run-off and cool easterly winds just put them down. But as Phil knows… there is always next time!