Red Tag’s 20th Anniversary Offer!

Last season we celebrated 150 years of trout in Tasmania with our clients – this year Red Tag Trout Tours celebrates its own anniversary — 20 years of guiding!

To celebrate with us, here is our 2015/16 season offer:

Every angler who books a minimum 2-days/overnight tour package from now till the end of the 2015/2016 trout season in Tasmania will receive a $150 gift voucher to spend at either of the Hurley’s Fly Fishing stores located at Bentleigh or Geelong, or go shopping Online.

Plus a bonus! if your tour is 4-days/3-nights or more every angler gets two sets of vouchers!

Vouchers must be redeemed with Hurley's Fly Fishing World by 30 June 2016 Vouchers issued after receipt of deposit.

Rod off to a perfect start


After the usual gear and casting introduction stages, we hit the wild trout water and this was Rod's first ever fish on the fly – a 2.5lb wild brown, sighted, stalked, cast to with a dry and landed! Not a bad way to get into fly fishing.


On release even the trout seems to reflect on Rod's success.


Day 2 of the workshop saw us at Currawong Lakes where Rod had more to hand including a top conditioned rainbow, polaroided and taken on the dry again.


More big grins and a most satisfying two-day workshop.

Regular Tagger in the action


This was John's 2nd trip in 15/16 and he gets straight into it — 1st rising fish of the day on the second pool fished and bingo!


… nice little wild brown to hand and great fun on the #2wt.


Next day at Currawong Lakes — christening the new #4wt Explorer rod from Hurleys, through our voucher system).


It is his best wild brown to date, a top effort on the new gear.

Clubman opens account


Alex goes first up and gets this nice small stream fish on the dry.


Will be bigger next time Alex.

Alex was the organizer of a group of fly club mates looking to fish some Tassie rivers for the first time. Although a number of chances, including some hookups were made, the fish won out on this occasion.


Graham got a good one to take the ‘hopper pattern early on day two, however, it spat it seconds later.

Despite the lack of fish to hand, all had chances, learned a lot and agreed they would do it again!

UK visitor christens new #2wt gear


Steve, a fly fisher from the UK, arranged with Gavin Hurley & Red Tag to get a new #2wt with his 20th season voucher. Here he has the first one on. a very nice wild brown, this one on a #14 small bead head nymph.


A very well conditioned fish …


… and pleased to be back in ‘home’ territory.


Another good fish, this one on the emerger after being sighted feeding upstream, puts a decent bend in the #2wt. 

High water offers great opportunities


This top rainbow was the result of some very patient work by Ron from New South Wales.


Ron had had a tough weather tour, but recent rains around the Currawong Lakes area had lead to good rises in the lake’s water levels. So much so that the trout were searching the newly flooded spots for fresh food.


After this earlier sighting by Ron …


… his one shot 12 foot cast resulted in well earned success. Top fish and big grin!

Day One success!


Petar & Amanda, only had a day to ‘give it a go’.

But, after some trying times, Amanda is delighted with this one taken on a blue damsel dry.


Very happy to release back into our teaching water.


After a frustrating day, ‘last cast Paul’, hooks into what turned out to be the biggest ‘teaching water’ rainbow yet to hand … 3lbs+

Not bad for their first day ever on the fly!

Father and son on top form


Bruce and son Joel had a successful introduction to fly fishing day.


A tag team act to land this one. Dad hooked this very nice rainbow on the Blue Damsel and Joel landed it!

After some frustrating misses. losses and a breakoff Joel was very happy with this one.


As they were at Somercotes overnight, they kept it and the feedback was: “Dinner was pretty awesome”.

UK couple combine Fly & Flight

Janice & Paul were keen to get the most out of their short trip to Tassie in mid January. Janice is a very keen twitcher and Paul the fly man.


Here Paul is very happy returning a 3lb wild brown taken on the Blue Damsel. He had never seen trout leaping bodily clear of the water to chase these insects before.


Releasing it, he was delighted with the beauty and colours of the fish.


Meanwhile Janice, after a few hours bird watching, got into the fishing success with a beautiful rainbow.

After another ‘twitching’ session in the evening, Janice had sighted more than half the endemic Tasmanian birds plus wedge tail eagles, osprey, falcons, robins and parrots, not to mention a very close and charming encounter with a young wombat out on its early feed.


To top off Paul’s successes, in a short half day session on the rivers next morning, he got a lovely wild brown to hand … again on the Blue Damsel.

A most satisfying trip all round.