Best introductory workshop in memory!

Don’s aim was to christen his never used #5wt fly outfit with a wild brown trout.

Here is the first to hand of Don’s two day introduction to fly fishing workshop. A beautifully conditioned 2.25lb wild brown taken on a grasshopper pattern — aim accomplished? … well …


On day two, a tougher test with faster water and lighter gear, this was the pick of the crop … 3.5lb brownie — again on the dry.

Next pool, another good fish, and so it went …

Another top effort in a tight location — very impressed with Don’s adaptability to the tight casting required here.

No wonder a happy smile … ended up 9 to hand, and 20+ to the fly … on only his second day at fly fishing — superb effort.

One in hand vs five to the fly – a good workshop result!

Colin (on right) and son Rhett still water casting introduction stage of day workshop …

… then sharing some wild trout stream work after lunch.

Rhett has five to the fly, with three on, including this tight casting effort, however …

Colin’s gets one to hand! First day, first wild brown on the dry and a tasty contribution to dinner.

US anglers enjoy the Tassie experience

Larry (Colorado) on left, and Gene (Wyoming) on water, were keen to enjoy some Tasmanian small waters wild brown trout fly fishing.

Gene was ‘at home’ on the stream having fished many head waters in his home state, and here he is stalking a good sized ‘hopper feeder (actually bit the fly off on the take), while …

Larry, more at home in the drift boats in Colorado, is delighted with his 1st ever stream wild brown on the dry.

Gene finished the day in a blaze of glory, with three wild brown in this one pool — all on the deer hair caddis dry in four casts … each one in turn working the feed line around the bend.

Jerry catches on fast!

Despite having his own sea fishing boat back home equipped with a dozen or more fishing rigs, Jerry (from North Carolina) had never fly fished before.

Third cast, using a damsel fly nymph, and this 4.25lbs rainbow was on.

Expect the fly outfits back home will now get a workout on his return!

Steve will never forget the first one!

First ever wild brown on the dry … sighted, stalked, ‘hopper fly presented and on!

Even better when in the net.

Steve had a great early Autumn day on one of our Tassie rivers, his first ever up stream, single dry fly experience. It had it all, fish to hand, a couple dropped, and a couple missed overall a top day.

It’s why they call it fishin’ not catchin’

From left Jeremy, Mike and Justin starting their afternoon workshop session.

But, despite their best stalking and wading efforts and some good presentations, no fish to hand.

Justin lost a big fish on a dry (partly straightening the hook), and dropped another on a wet, but that was as close as they came.

Repeat ‘Tagger John’s trip had it all …

From the happy grin of 1st for the trip, to frustrated misses …

… to this beautiful 2lbs+ wild river brown on the ‘hopper pattern.

Big bends in the Aire series #2wt were part of John’s best ever river day …

… to the final gentle release.