Timing is perfect …

Autumn is on its way and Tasmania is a great place to visit and fly fish for wild trout during March and April. Still excellent dry fly opportunities with ‘hoppers galore and mayfly hatches ongoing.

Check out the Bookings Calendar, top times are available in both months, Season ends May 3, 2020.

Successful workshop for ‘hunter-gathers’

Annie & Jerome were on a self reliant, getting to know Tasmania tour and a fly fishing workshop was definitely on the agenda.

This was Jerome’s first trout on the fly, gently returned ‘with confidence’

Then it was Annie’s turn – this one was dinner. The only way you can eat brown trout in Tasmania is catch your own!

A final session stalking trout together, then off to their next adventure.

A day on the water with the Starlings

Steve and Jo Starling are a great couple and love Tasmania’s wild trout fishing. Here Jo is out to christen her new lightweight cane rod, Steve came along to help and take photos.

Well he did do some fishing (and catching as well)

Not long before Jo’s onto a fish with Steve on hand to capture the

With gentle presentation of the reliable para emerger …

Jo is soon sees action again.

A beautiful day, on a river somewhere, with delightful people. It was a pleasure to host them.

New decade off to a positive start

George, a repeat client, gets 2020 off to a top start with some beautiful wild browns at Currawong Lakes on Day 1.

A fine example of these browns

Day 2 was on the streams to try out George’s new #3wt Innovator from Hurley’s Fly Fishing World

One of the stream wild browns to hand heading home.

Regular ‘Tagger has productive ‘combination’ tour

John was keen to combine rivers and lakes in this latest trip, here with one of his wild browns at Currawong.

This one required some quick thinking and fast feet to outwit the brown …

… finally, a successful end and neat netting job.

Deciding on two days lakes, and one on rivers, this resulted in John’s best trout on the fly yet! A wild brown trout on the + side of 4lb.

The day on the river was also rewarding with John loving his #2wt Stalker Aire rod and getting fish to hand.

With beautiful river settings to end another top trip.

Victorian novice has a great first up trip

Michael, enjoyed a top first up fly fishing trip with this one — a tad under 4lbs rainbow — his best for the tour. A workshop that had it all …

… including this fighting salmon from lake Currawong

… and this 3lb wild brown from lake Long Marsh.
With fish to hand every day, break-offs, dropped fish, missed takes, polaroided trout and the odd refusal, Michael’s workshop had the lot.

Mates have top workshop on the still water

Long time friends, Val, left, beginner and Oliver, advanced novice, had a great day at Currawong despite the wind!

Early on saw Oliver into action …

… with a nice brown.

… followed by a quality rainbow.

Val with his first on the fly — a good young rainbow which took the dark brown para.

Nice team work guys. Oliver netting another top rainbow for Val.
Even in the wind, all (6 to hand) were taken on the dry, except the last rainbow — on an unweighted mayfly nymph dropper.