2018/19 Season opens

Our Tasmanian (brown) trout season has opened with the expectations of a good season ahead.

Here are some of the past season’s action to whet your appetite:

Your guide and a top river brown late last season.

A beautiful brown on the release.

Women are making up more numbers in the art of the fly!

Typical early season flooded lowland waters — nymphing and small wets.

If coming down please check our Bookings Calendar, as not only pre-Christmas, but post New Year are filling up fast.

Tight lines and good fishing. Roger.

2019 Fly Fishing Championships

Here’s a brief taste of fly fishing opportunities to lure you in for the 2019 Fly Fishing Championships being held in Tasmania next year.

The date is early December 2019 with a combination of lakes and rivers from a selection of venues yet to be finalized, dependent on water conditions/levels and weather leading up to the start date.

Tasmania is predominantly a wild brown trout fishery with a number of waters, particularly the lakes and lagoons holding rainbows as well.

It is anticipated up to 30 international teams will come on down to test their skills with these wild trout.

More May Moments of Merriment

Geordie, son, and father Alastair, on far bank, were an interesting and delightful workshop challenge. Geordie had seldom fished, let alone fly fished and Alastair last used a heavy (# 7wt he thought) cane rod back about 25 years ago!

By lunchtime, not only had they caught their first fish each, but wanted to prove their ‘hunter/gatherer’ skills back home by providing next day’s lunch!

This was definitely the ‘hook-up’ triumph of the day. Alastair had sighted this fish feeding in the shallows, stalked it, presented the unweighted ‘Wooley bugger’ right in its path, and as the guide took a photograph — the strike happened.

Alastair brings the same fish above to hand. It was a perfect day for so late in the season — sunny, warm afternoon, light winds and best of all, both anglers tasted success.

A great way to end the 2017/18 season on the water.

Can I Fly Fish Tasmania in May?

Yes you can Theresa! Although the rivers and other brown trout waters are closed, private fisheries such as Currawong Lakes are not.

… not only fish, but also succeed!

Another good quality rainbow is netted.

The day was another beautiful Tasmanian Autumn day, cool start, clearing to a sunny and best of all fish active afternoon.

More May Merriment

Lesley and David were our next May beginners.

David could hardly believe it, on the water only minutes after the grass casting session and wham! his first ever (well-conditioned) trout to hand!

Not to be out-done (fished) Lesley returns ‘serve’ with tis beauty … it was kept for dinner.

On another beautiful late Autumn afternoon, Lesley is onto yet another good fish.

This one is heading back to its own home!

Start of May Merriment

Alex and Janet start their fly fishing workshop at Currawong Lakes

Not long after the casting intro Janet has her first ever trout on the fly. … a nice rainbow on a damsel nymph.

Then it’s Alex’s turn, another good rainbow to hand.

Alex had day 2 to himself, not so nice weather, but five to hand and more to the fly made it a great day on the fly.

Great finish to the river season!

Jun, a repeat ‘Tagger’, was delighted with his latest river experience.

Little did he, (or guide holding trout) know he would get the best river wild brown for the season!

It certainly gave the 3wt a real workout, but skill and patience was well rewarded.

Copper bead-head nymph early, black spinner & grasshopper dries later all added to a great day.

A delightful late afternoon in Autumn on a Tasmanian stream, doesn’t get much better than this.

On top of that, during this amazing day we were treated to a couple of wedge-tailed eagles teaching their young to hunt, a wild stag tip-toeing across the stream and an osprey eagle drifting by.

Mid Autumn & Currawong Lakes still firing!

Mark’s aim was to get some shore-based lakes experience, this was the first of his successes.

A beautifully conditioned rainbow.

This rainbow was polaroided cruising from the bank and took a damsel fly nymph placed a metre in front of it.

A nice buck heading back ‘home’