Covid-19 Recovery Fly Fishing Workshops

FLY into Spring with our Covid-19 Recovery Workshops. A great range of introductory fly fishing workshops for those Tasmanian fishers, or outdoor lovers, looking to try a new adventure.

All gear is provided, professional instructors, lunch, refreshments, great locations and top value options on offer.

Heavenly rains bring spawn action!

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining! Well the wild browns at Currawong Lakes didn’t need telling twice.

The decent easterly rains we have had in late June were just what the trout needed. Got the creeks joining the lakes flowing strongly and the fish are taking full advantage.

This all goes well for a really top start to the season in spring with hungry trout chasing plenty of food around the margins.

Help hook up our fishing data

National fishing surveys are being conducted across Australia to gain up to date data on all aspects of recreational fishing in the country.

As the last survey of its type was back in 2001, it is more than timely to get up to date information on our favourite activity.

This is not a government survey, but the information collected will assist those that care about our fishery and fishing into the future. It does not even ask you for your favourite spot, but aims to get the latest data on the economic, social and personal benefits we gain from enjoying fishing of all sorts, and in all states of the commonwealth.

Jo and Steve Starling are key conductors of the survey on behalf of all anglers and have sought our help in lifting the response rate for Tasmania. The more we know about our collective strength and value of recreational fishing the better off we are to argue any case we want to improve, maintain or build the various impacts of it.

Not only are the surveys looking at the pre-Covid-19situation, but the second one looks for how Covid-19 has dramatically effected us all and the country at large and as this is, unfortunately, the best time to do that comparison, completing both is vital to the accuracy and effects of its impact.

Anything we can do collectively and individually to assist will be most beneficial in the long run.

Both surveys offer prizes opportunities for those participating in them, check out the web site for full details.

Survey 1

Survey 2: National

Last client for 2019/20 season

Very satisfied grin from Bob with one of his quality wild browns on the para mayfly emerger.

This was a quality rainbow taken on a dropper mayfly nymph.

To both Bob (and I) this was the stalking triumph of the trip, we spotted a big brown nymphing around this structure. Three changes of fly and 30 minutes later, Bob got the ‘hook-up’ on a (Red Tag version) black ‘mudeye’ pattern nymph, only to have a huge head shake, massive swirl and gone! We estimated 5-6lbs of wild brown charging back to the depths. Next time Bob?

Sometimes these trout just don’t play fair! Here bob sighted, beautifully presented and hooked up a top rainbow on a red spinner …

… only to find the trout knew where the submerged end of the tree to Bob’s left was, take him under and around it and ultimately break him off.

But the last day was magic. Blue sky, light winds and a three hour window of surface feeding trout resulting in some great action, nice way to finish Bob.

Stream skills workshop

Local angler Lyn wanted to get some more experience on smaller waters and streams, and this day turned out to be a beauty.

Having never used an outfit as light as a 3wt before, gave some early challenges, but much pleasure as the day progressed, this cast resulting in a lively wild brown to hand.

Handling some tight spots really well, it was touch and go whether I got the 3wt out of Lyn’s hands at day’s end! Believe she now has her own 3wt and probably longing for the current crisis to be over to use it.

Phil the Provider

Regular ‘Tagger Phil came back with his mates Darce, BT and Trev to enjoy a break at Currawong Lakes, fly fishing and the clays. This excellent 3-lb+ provided entree for the five of us again.
The boys had all the excuses, missed, break-offs, lost, etc, but Phil, came through for the second trip running in the ‘hunter-gatherer’ stakes.

Darce (in the foreground & BT in the corner) tried hard …

This was the best ‘bird’s nest’ of the day, not bad with an unweighted nymph as the single fly set up.

Even a committed effort by Trev, after a leaping brown in the late afternoon didn’t change to situation.
Well boys, it looks like another year of Phil’s fish stories.

Father and son on rivers and lakes

Mel and son Chris (right) had a good combination trip with us.

Chris had the toughest afternoon introduction to fly fishing, 35km winds and no rises.

Mel gets a good wild brown on the Blue Damsel, while Chris records action for family.

Then Chris’ turn, again on the damsel, sighted stalked and hooked … but then fish spat hook.

Another one on for Chris, this one on a dropper under a dry … took Chris into the backing twice, before snagging him up some 30 metres away. Chris was one of the best learners to casting I can recall.
Everything right, presentation, accuracy, excellent stalker, but the fish refused to play ball. Reckon between missed takes, lost fish and break-offs he had ten or more to the fly but yet to get one to hand.

Finally! On the rivers, this one got to hand, lively river wild brown …

Mel also got this 4lb beauty on the dry in the late evening at Currawong.