Wow! what a day — a new ‘all time’ top rod


I said earlier the last week of January had the lot, but I wasn’t prepared for superrod Jack! “I’ve only got the one day Roger, down here on business, it will have to be Saturday”

Well Saturday came round. Usual early am pick up in Hobart, took a look at Jack as he got in the Pajero, regular looking fly fisher, nice bloke, “looking forward to a good day on the water” was his position.

Got to the stream, day looked great, No breeze, overcast and about 15°C with a top predicted of 20-22°C.

“Nice looking stretch Roger,” was the opening comment. “Yes, think you should get a few today”, was my reply.


“Nice little wild brown this one” was the next comment after the second cast of the day; “bit out of practice” was heard soon after three fish dropped in the next four casts …

By a slightly delayed lunch time, after numerous missed opportunities, dropped fish and returned wild browns, the count stood at 25 to hand. Time to catch our breath, renew energy and review the day to this point. Needless to say the ‘cherry ripes’ took a caning over lunch.

After lunch moved camp a few kilometers and set off again with a repeat performance of the mornings effort. By the end of play 80+ fish to the fly and when misses and ropped fish accounted for it was 41 to hand — all released in top order.

What a day, it was a delight to guide Jack, I believe his secret to success was the combination of his enthusiasm for the smaller streams, he was ‘in tune ’ with that environment and his determination to ‘present’ the dry as best he could to all rising fish and potential trout holding spots.

Well done Jack — Red Tag’s new TOP rod.