Here in lies a tail


The secret of Tasmanian tailers! One of our special wild trout activities is the trout’s extremely shallow water feeding and cruising display know locally as ‘tailing trout’.

Currawong Lakes is an excellent example of this. With an extended tour party from the US in mid-April we stayed there for a couple of nights.

On the second morning did the pre-dawn fish outing — very spectacular with 2-5lb rainbows and browns only feet from the edge fossicking after snails, nymphs and scud, etc in less than 6 inches of water depth showing back fins and tails. J

ust fantastic. Mak, the most experienced angler of the group, said he had never seen anything like it around the world and we believe this activity to be a Tasmania-only trout phenomenon.

We were so entranced by the fish we didn’t even take a rod with us, as an old Guinness ad said when pouring a glass of stout, ‘I like to watch!’