What a start to fly fishing for JJ!


JJ and his Mum, Amanda, had a two-day overnight workshop with Red Tag early in January with JJ never having caught a fish before in his life.

That did not stop JJ, no way, and at 12 years ( a good age to learn) he was as keen as mustard to give it a go.

Decided Currawong Lakes was a good place to begin and by lunchtime JJ and Amanda has progressed from basics, through on grass practice to on water dry fly presentations.

Around midday the Damsels were on the menu and JJ was on the Blue Damsel fly.
First Blue Damsel taker to hand for the season!

Yes that was JJ’s BIG result above — first morning of fly fishing, leaping damsel feeding brown sighted, selected, stalked, cast to, hooked and brought to net — a 5-pounder no less as your first fish ever and on the DRY to boot!


After a short discussion on how big it was and whetherit should be kept, it was agreed it was toobig to eat and the fish deserved better, so JJ gently released it.


Not to be done out of a fish for dinner on his first day, JJ then landed this plump (but somewhat smaller) rainbow straight after lunch. Hang on JJ we have to cook it first!


In the meantime, Amanda had got the casting and hook-ups down to a T, but landing/getting to hand was proving somewhat more difficult. Six to fly, 4 break-offs and two fly spits, next time will be your day Amanda.

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