Tasmania tops for USA fishing buddies

Fishing buddies Tom and Alby from the USA were blown away with their Tasmanian wild trout fly fishing experience.

Tom, who has fished a number of times in Chile and New Zealand, says Tasmania is now top of his list.

Alby, who has been to Chile with Tom, said he had never experienced dry fly fishing like it and now has headed back home to fish the nearby streams of Nevada (all I can say is look out home state trout!).

Tom (right) and Alby ‘doing it tough’ after a hectic morning session.

They loved their rivers and stream fishing, and fished a different area each day over four different rivers, all to wild trout (mainly browns), primarily with the dry, covered kilometres of water on numerous rivers and only once saw another angler (end of day six, farmer and friend upstream for an evening flick) for the whole time on the water.

A nice quiet corner, Alby looks on while Tom presents upstream to a rising fish .

Apart from the wild trout, they saw wombat, echidna, platypus and wallaby plus dozens of local birds … the complete Tasmanian experience.

Tom even supplied entree one evening complete with local wine, Tassie beer, fresh homebaked bread and open fire. Know it sounds like a hard life, but Tom understands, someone has to do these things!

This was top fish on day two for Alby; client and guide very pleased with the result.

Alby has got the 4wt working well on this one.

While next day, Tom gives his new Sage a workout on this lovely lowlands brown, shown at the top.

You can see Tom’s thoughts on his newfound favourite worldwide trout fishery on our Feedback page.