Good early season signs

Good flow in the river, but not in flood levels would indicate that we will have an early mayfly hatch this year.

Excellent wading conditions for such an early period in the season.

Both these river shots were taken in mid-September (early spring), which would indicate an early hatch this season and early October to mid December could be one of our best dry fly periods for some seasons.

That is saying something since last year was such a consistent and quality fish one.

Already many nymphs are in the waters and with a few days of upper teens (16-19°C) afternoon temperatures between now and the end of September, look out.

Two other positive signs are early and active swallows over the water and the ‘old-timers’ down here say early wattle blossom means warm spring and dry summer — made for early mayfly hatches.

At this stage, some top October and November slots are still open on our books — check out the calendar and don’t miss out.