Pro Angler Step up to the mark!

For some time now I have been asking Gavin (the Pro Angler man) for a LARGE pair of quality wading boots that actually fit 12EEE UK plates of meat — my feet!

Since late 2011 he has said “hang in there Roger, our new Stalker Aquaz boot will be great and I promise we will have a size to fit you”.

Well the US#14’s arrived a month or so ago and they are just fantastic!

Couldn’t be more impressed with them. So much so that I haven’t even put the ‘studs’ in the soles and (in my experience) they are the best gripping and most comfortable wading boots I have ever used.

I now feel so secure moving about I have not used a wading staff since I got them!

To give those of you that don’t know me an idea of the work my wading boot have to do, I am 1.97metres (6’5″+) and weigh in at around 125kgs or 275lbs and probably walk/wade rivers/creeks/grassy and straw banks/rocks/gravel and anything else that makes up a trout terrain around 350-400km a season. A fair workout for any wading boot.

The secret is in the new Vibram soles format. It is a rubber compound with formed/ribbed soles that maximise grip on all surfaces, designed to replace the (in a number of places now banned) felt soles to minimise the risk of river-borne disease transfer and simplify cleaning of the boots.

To know more about these boots, click here. Also Gavin gave an excellent review of them in the last Pro Angler Magazine pg 78 (issue 6).