Surprise trip for the ‘boys’

Graeme, father on the right, and sons, from left, Nick, Chris and James had a great two day introductory fly fishing adventure.

Unbeknown to Graeme the boys had put together a combined fathers day/birthday gift for him — he had no idea what was in store ’till he met the guide at the Hobart airport arrivals.

Although it is unusual for Red Tag to take a group of four, as a family this turned out to be a most enjoyable experience for not only the clients but also for myself.

All were beginners and each sighted fish to cast to, had fish on and both Nick and James got fish to hand.

James got more than a taste of success on day one. This top conditioned wild brown was a delicious entree for dinner that night.

His first ever trout, taken on the darchutek brown para emerger, sighted, stalked and caught in an afternoon mayfly hatch. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Next morning, at Currawong Lakes, Nick was into this fish — a 3lb+ rainbow, took him darn near to the backing three times and gave him the top fish for the trip.