Regular ‘Tagger’s Best ever Trip


This was one of John’s wild browns to hand at Currawong Lakes – on day 1 of his 4 day tour in early November.


Keen to finish what he has started – John’s enjoys the challenge of netting these beauties as well …


… yes definitely a ‘cherry ripe’ counter that one!


This one took some netting … turned out to be John’s persoinal biggest trout on the fly yet — a 4.25lb rainbow!


After two days of exhilarating big fish action at Currawong, it was on to the rivers and this wild stream brown gave John a new set of challenges on his Stalker Aire series #2wt.


Day 4 another stream … another wild brown on the #2wt and the dry. This turned out to be John’s best day yet on a steam.
To sum up for John:

  • best ever trip (so far)
  • biggest brown yet … 3.75lbs
  • biggest rainbow trout yet … 4.25lbs
  • most fish to the fly & most fish to hand
  • 1st at Currawong Lakes on the dry for this season
  • 1st on the rivers on the dry for this season.

Considering the wind, rain, and fickle temperatures, a great effort all round, and John’s feedback: “I’ll be back in the Autumn, Roger.”