Promises kept …

Gary (with fish on) and Keith (in background), great fishing mates, were travelling with their wives — self catering as much as possible, and although never having fly fished before, had booked a two-day introductory workshop and ‘sort of promised’ trout for dinner each day!

This one ended up in a break-off on our teaching water – not the success the boys were looking for.

However … Keith spotted a rising trout on the afternoon river session and set out to correct things.

DIY Keith then not only presented to, hooked and netted his first wild brown unaided, it resulted in a plump 1lber to serve to the girls as main course on night one!   

With Keith’s DIY (and promise delivering) skills well established, 

… he was happy to return this 3.5lb rainbow to its habitat.

Enter Gary … after break-offs and missed chances, this is it!

… his first ever wild brown trout and promise fulfilled with dinner for day 2!