Record performance by Son … Dad is amazed!

This was son Dan’s fish No1 for the day at Currawong Lakes. First out of 15 to hand. … 6 x rainbows and 9 x browns!

No wonder Dan has the grin, 3rd cast 1st rainbow.

And so it continued … damsel nymph took the 6 x rainbows (between 2.5 – 3.5lbs) pre lunch!

Then we dropped down to Lake Long Marsh and it was the browns taking Dan's own brown woolly bugger pattern.

A beautiful fish!

Finally on day 2 Frank gets a look in. After watching son get 15 to hand on day 1, having dropped a couple, missed a couple, had a refusal or two the Blue Damsel came good!

Here is the proof, the Blue Damsel in the lip!

The day 1 performance by Dan was the most fish ever landed by one of my clients at Currawong Lakes — Dan even followed up with 5 on the Blue Damsel himself on afternoon of day 2.