New ‘Tagger achieves another first!

Mark from north Queensland, seen here with his first trout of the day. After this guy was found hiding from the wind on my hat … the hatch started. A hook-up on the mayfly emerger — Mark’s first ever trout on the dry. Sighted, targeted, presented and to hand! Nature never ceases to amaze me, … Continue reading New ‘Tagger achieves another first!

Father & son — first up success!

Locals Bob, and son Brad, had a great start to their fly fishing future, with a two-day extended workshop. Day 1: This was Brad onto his first for the day … not only that, it was the first for the season on the dry for both Red Tag & Currawong Lakes. Not to be outdone, … Continue reading Father & son — first up success!

Spring into Tassie with fossicking, feeding fish …

Our trout season is well and truly open for business with scenes like this — stalking, hunting frog & tadpole feeders are happening across the state’s trout fishery. Hook-ups and action in centimetres of water Real quality wild fish fossicking in the shallows. They are a challenge, but great fun … just remember to breath … Continue reading Spring into Tassie with fossicking, feeding fish …

Hands-on marketing

From left, Graham, Alice (Tourism Tasmania) & Dean (Tourism Australia) on their recent trout/flyfishing familiarity tour that ended with a flyfishing workshop at the Currawong Lakes. With a good number of tailing trout on hand it was a mixed bag … Graham, first time on the fly and first wild brown on! Netted and released. … Continue reading Hands-on marketing

It’s time for the new trout season

The 2019-2020 Tassie trout season is open. October nymph action at Currawong Lakes While we are still in winter for August, its time to start planning your next Tassie fly fishing trip! Check-out the fly lines – replace those old tippets & leaders; clean the reels and ensure no leaks in the waders! Spring starts … Continue reading It’s time for the new trout season

Last trip and the weather finally breaks … for the worst!

The group, from left, BT, Trev, Darce, Paddy-O & Phil. Early morning before the sun went, wind came in ‘gale force’ and temperatures dropped through the floor. Phil’s association with Red Tag is one of continuous development and appreciation of the art of fly fishing. Having first met Phil over 10 years ago at the … Continue reading Last trip and the weather finally breaks … for the worst!

Workshop surprise

Sean’s partner surprised him with a two day/overnight workshop and he didn’t miss the chance. With day 1 at Currawong Lakes a perfect autumn day, Sean made the most of it. Some great action on unweighted damsel nymph. … and excellent wild browns to hand. With bright skies and clear water the 2nd day on … Continue reading Workshop surprise

Late afternoon ‘Red Spinner’ hatch saves day!

Eric (from Victoria) finally onto a wild river brown on the #4wt. It was one of those days when the hatch doth maketh the day! Another one to hand … at 4.30pm the hatch started, the fish came up and Eric got four in six casts. Yes! number four … sighted rising, adult red spinner … Continue reading Late afternoon ‘Red Spinner’ hatch saves day!