Regular Tagger in the action

This was John's 2nd trip in 15/16 and he gets straight into it — 1st rising fish of the day on the second pool fished and bingo! … nice little wild brown to hand and great fun on the #2wt. Next day at Currawong Lakes — christening the new #4wt Explorer rod from Hurleys, through our … Continue reading Regular Tagger in the action

Andrew has a day out with the Damsels!

The first to hand for the season on the Blue Damsel — his first fish took one and went! Next a (soon to discover) best ever wild brown trout for him — on the Blue Damsel again. Beautiful fish … … and yes the camera does work under water — difficulty is learning to focus … Continue reading Andrew has a day out with the Damsels!

A tough day – but a good one

Brothers Tim, left, and Nick had been trying to get this day together for a year or more. After all the false starts finally here and with them (unfortunately) the wind, cold and some rain! Both love rivers, and although sighting some on two different waters, it was re-assess at mid-day. It was off to the … Continue reading A tough day – but a good one

Red Tag regular has a top trip

John opened up his 20th season trip on some southern waters with this plump little brown. This was followed by a very active rainbow in another stream. With a change in weather came a change in plan — off the Currawong and some nice fish! The hardest fish to hook (and try to hold) are … Continue reading Red Tag regular has a top trip

UK visitor’s first on the dry

This was Mick, from London’s, first wild trout on the dry fly. Being a course fisher in England for many years and loving fishing, he was determined to come to grips with the art of presenting the fly while in Tasmania. This was very much the traditional upstream single dry fly method of the chalk streams ‘back … Continue reading UK visitor’s first on the dry

Grinners are Winners

Glad, from Western Australia, had never held a fly rod before she and son Clay came to Tasmania to ‘tick it off the bucket list’. Before Glad came over her friends bet her $50 she wouldn’t get one. Not only was this wild brown brought to hand, but Glad sighted it feeding, presented the dry … Continue reading Grinners are Winners

Honestly — it was this big Dad!

Jim (doing the stalking) fishing to a ‘monster’ — according to son Jim. Jim is delighted with this first rainbow to hand at Currawong Lakes on Day One. After some hard work by Jim … He brings this top conditioned rainbow to hand.  They also had a good time on the streams… ‘may I have my fly back please?’