Rivers and lakes fire up

After breaking his duck on one of our river sections the day before, Ross ( a returning ‘Tagger) then had a top day at Currawong Lakes. This (at 3.5lbs) was the only rainbow to hand for the day, but plenty of action. This was one of a number of brown’s from 3-4.25lbs to hand. For the final action … Continue reading Rivers and lakes fire up

Early Spring for small stream nymphing!

Richard had a day to get some stream action in early September, while visiting Hobart. After recent floods and cool waters, there was no dry fly action but some, like this small stream wild brown, were looking for nymphs. Another nice corner that brought a little action to the fly. Was Richard’s first time on … Continue reading Early Spring for small stream nymphing!

Peter & Jill’s week that was

Peter and wife Jill had a full week with Red Tag mid-Autumn that combined rivers and Currawong Lakes Peter sets the bar early with this top wild brown from Currawong Lakes. These fish are just beautiful The rainbows aren’t bad either! Jill netted a nice stream brownie on the Macquarie River … only for Peter to pick up this … Continue reading Peter & Jill’s week that was

Rod off to a perfect start

After the usual gear and casting introduction stages, we hit the wild trout water and this was Rod's first ever fish on the fly – a 2.5lb wild brown, sighted, stalked, cast to with a dry and landed! Not a bad way to get into fly fishing. On release even the trout seems to reflect … Continue reading Rod off to a perfect start

Regular Tagger in the action

This was John's 2nd trip in 15/16 and he gets straight into it — 1st rising fish of the day on the second pool fished and bingo! … nice little wild brown to hand and great fun on the #2wt. Next day at Currawong Lakes — christening the new #4wt Explorer rod from Hurleys, through our … Continue reading Regular Tagger in the action

Andrew has a day out with the Damsels!

The first to hand for the season on the Blue Damsel — his first fish took one and went! Next a (soon to discover) best ever wild brown trout for him — on the Blue Damsel again. Beautiful fish … … and yes the camera does work under water — difficulty is learning to focus … Continue reading Andrew has a day out with the Damsels!

A tough day – but a good one

Brothers Tim, left, and Nick had been trying to get this day together for a year or more. After all the false starts finally here and with them (unfortunately) the wind, cold and some rain! Both love rivers, and although sighting some on two different waters, it was re-assess at mid-day. It was off to the … Continue reading A tough day – but a good one