Great finish to the river season!

Jun, a repeat ‘Tagger’, was delighted with his latest river experience. Little did he, (or guide holding trout) know he would get the best river wild brown for the season! It certainly gave the 3wt a real workout, but skill and patience was well rewarded. Copper bead-head nymph early, black spinner & grasshopper dries later … Continue reading Great finish to the river season!

Stream craft day for young angler

Josh, onto his first for the day, was keen to learn as much as he could about small stream craft and presentation. This wild brown took a bead-head nymph using a variable depth technique under a strike indicator. Meanwhile dad, David, was acting as scout early on to spot any movement up ahead. Josh got … Continue reading Stream craft day for young angler

Family trio’s introductory success

From left, Rod (grandfather), Jackimo (Grandson) and Paul (Uncle) all had their first day’s fly fishing at Currawong Lakes. Both Rod and Paul got their first ever trout to hand on the fly, unfortunately Jack missed out … but two out of three ain’t bad! Paul with his very nice 3lb rainbow. Rod … just … Continue reading Family trio’s introductory success

‘Rusty’ Canadian flyfisher gets his game on

Bob (from British Columbia) hadn’t wetted a line for some years until this Tasmanian visit … so Currawong Lakes was the ideal place to get back into it. As the presentations improved, so did the results … this 3lb wild brown to start. Taken on the (dry) Blue Damsel no less. This was followed by … Continue reading ‘Rusty’ Canadian flyfisher gets his game on

Son’s first ever trout on fly!

This is the very satisfied grin of your first ever trout on the fly … dry at that. Sighted, stalked, Blue Damsel presented on its nose and … take! A very good conditioned rainbow heads home. Kade admires dad Kurt’s effort with his first for the day.

Thumbs up for family fun day

The Gustafson family were recommended to Red Tag by their friend Andy, a pilot from the USA aircraft carriers that used to frequent Hobart for R&R around the turn of the century. From left, Rhea, son Ryan, daughter Erika, and mum Cheryl. I had taken Andy and some of his fellow airmen fly fishing on … Continue reading Thumbs up for family fun day

Delightful Day on the Damsels!

Perfect day for the damsel feeders to come out and play. Bright sun, gentle offshore breeze to ripple the surface and warm enough for the damsels and dragonfly. Regular ‘Tagger’ Roy with his first of five to hand for the day, a beautiful conditioned rainbow. … same being returned to home. And another. Roy releasing … Continue reading Delightful Day on the Damsels!