Opportunist out done by ‘Presentation’

I refer to the last story of John and his early PB ‘hopper success. On landing his wild brown trout, John and Jan decided to have it for dinner so I proceeded to clean it, only to have a couple of unusual things happen — first when taking the chance to examine the fish’s recent … Continue reading Opportunist out done by ‘Presentation’

First up PB success

We thought the grasshoppers were out early last season in early January in 2007, well this past November, guess what? Ye,p the Pink Bum ‘hopper took its first wild brown for 07/08 season courtesy of John. Really amazing how early things are getting in the trout’s food chain these days. John and wife Jan booked … Continue reading First up PB success

‘Lack of fishmanship’

Although Ernst is a repeat Red Tagger who loves his fly fishing, he was very keen for his wife, Vanessa, to try it out as he thought they could enjoy the beautifull scenery and tranquility that goes with it. To this end, Ernst planned a four day tour with Vanessa joining us as a beginner, … Continue reading ‘Lack of fishmanship’

Three Generations of Great Family Fun

Lou lands the first for the day and on the dry no less! In my view, one of the most enjoyable ‘tough’ jobs a guide has is the introduction of people to fly fishing. In this case, it was the first time on the fly for grandad, dad and son which makes it a special … Continue reading Three Generations of Great Family Fun

Big Fish Start for 2007

Another Nigel & Hugh day, always great fun, always productive and what a start to the year. Nigel with his best for the day 1.5kgs wild brown falls to the Pink Bum Grasshopper — should mention this was on Red Tag’s Pro Angler 1-2wt Master series rod (WF2F line) and for some time the trout … Continue reading Big Fish Start for 2007

Passion Rewarded

Our original browns may have come here from the UK in 1864, but their wild and wily descendants were no match for UK flyfisher Rosemary on her recent visit to Tasmania. This beautiful specimen was taken by Rosemary on the ‘PB ‘hopper’ at the end of February — one of the best fish out of … Continue reading Passion Rewarded