Success on last trip of the season

Day 1 saw some good fish to hand on a #14 brass bead-head nymph. Although we release the vast majority of fish, this one of Ben’s supplied a nice entree that night. Day 2 belonged to Peter, with the only single day trifecta of the season – one on the wet, one on the nymph … Continue reading Success on last trip of the season

When very wet … go wet!

After heavy downpours on the lowland rivers, visiting German fly fisher Daniel had to go wet! They wouldn’t look at a dry (not a rise all day), ignored the nymph but took the Woolly Bugger with relish. Best results in conditions like these were casting out and across into the fast water, then retrieving with … Continue reading When very wet … go wet!

Did I really catch this on my 2nd cast!

New flyfisher Gee inspects the result of only her second, yes that’s right, second ‘on water’ cast with a fly (emerger what else?) while regular ‘tagger Simon is delighted with Gee’s start. It was an excellent well-conditioned wild brown trout. She then then followed up the next day with this sizeable rainbow and a big … Continue reading Did I really catch this on my 2nd cast!

Another couple getting into the action

A fitting end to a fun flyfishing workshop, Denise netting for a successful presentation and a hook up by husband Steven. Earlier, on day one of the tour, Steven had created Red Tag history by being the first ‘Tagger’ ever at Currawong Lakes to have a trout take the Blue Damsel before we had one … Continue reading Another couple getting into the action

Dave returns in style

This time on Currawong Lakes with Red Tag, first up a very nice early spring wild brown, then later on some great fun with a few lively rainbows. First the fighting grin, above, then the fish, below, a bit hard to see with Dave hanging on prior to release, but look at the depth, superb … Continue reading Dave returns in style

Time to Tie

Next month will be the start of the mayfly hatches around our rivers and lower lakes. If you want to have a go at bringing a sucessful fly you tied yourself, in my view the Dark Brown Emerger is one of the best. Also a great all round fly for the majority of the season … Continue reading Time to Tie

Mike returns for the long haul

Having had a good single day with us last season, Mike decided to put a five-dayer together and try some Tassie river and stream variety this time, and he wasn’t disappointed. With around 30 fish to hand and twice as many to the fly he had plenty of action on all days. Our photograph above, … Continue reading Mike returns for the long haul