The Pink Bum Grasshopper

Our Pink Bum Grasshopper is a variation on one of Peter Leuver’s Badja hopper series from his book Fur & Feather. Why the pink bum you may well ask? This is my addition after having watched a large number over the season clinging on to the windscreen wiper while driving slowly through rough grassy terrain … Continue reading The Pink Bum Grasshopper

Early morning damsels

Shot on an early summer morning prior to getting out over the water and annoying the wild browns. I know most people tie up their imitations to copy this form. I believe that the fish take many more Damsels and Dragonfly on the wing so to speak. Therefore my pattern is designed to ride very … Continue reading Early morning damsels

The mighty Red Tag

The history of the Red Tag fly makes interesting reading. As I understand it, the original fly pattern was first developed in England as a Grayling wet fly, before the idea of dry (floating) trout flies was introduced. Then around the mid 1800s one of the English fly fishing squires and his gillie were discussing … Continue reading The mighty Red Tag