Off season projects

Gear Maintenance Now that the majority of Tasmanian trout waters have closed, our attention turns to gear maintenance, tying and promotional opportunities. Reels Backing normally doesn’t need much attention, but I run off to the spool, check the anchoring knot and then rewind evenly making sure all is OK as I go. Fly Lines Check … Continue reading Off season projects

Pro Angler Step up to the mark!

For some time now I have been asking Gavin (the Pro Angler man) for a LARGE pair of quality wading boots that actually fit 12EEE UK plates of meat — my feet! Since late 2011 he has said “hang in there Roger, our new Stalker Aquaz boot will be great and I promise we will … Continue reading Pro Angler Step up to the mark!

Pro Angler launches in Sydney

The complete range of Pro Angler fly gear is great value for money and they have just opened their new Sydney shop at 111 Victoria Road, Parramatta. Look out for the new Pro Angler & Red Tag Trout Tours Huge value all-inclusive Tassie fly fishing tour & gear giveaway being launched in the next edition of the Pro Angler Magazine … Continue reading Pro Angler launches in Sydney

Tackling the lake margins

Over the last couple of seasons, Trevor has become a Red Tag regular, twice a season, on-e in mid spring and again in Autumn, single day each time. This time Trevor opted for some shallow margin lakeshore stalking, hopefully on the dry, and Currawong Lakes didn’t disappoint. We kitted him out with a Pro Angler … Continue reading Tackling the lake margins

Pro Angler lightweight gem

Earlier in the year Gavin — Mr. Pro Angler — to the uninitiated, sent me one of the new Aire series 6’6″ #2wt 4-piece ultrafast rods to try and it is a beauty. A number of clients, and myself, have successfully tried it out and it loads fast, handles the light line as it should, … Continue reading Pro Angler lightweight gem

Garry gives the #2wt a workout

Garry (father of Matthew) had a day out on his own with Red Tag and had a ball. There must be something, as well as the trout, in our water that brings out the best in these Queenslanders. Not only did Matthew star on a later trip (see Matthew’s Monster below) but here Garry gets … Continue reading Garry gives the #2wt a workout

Putting the #3 Guides series to the test

Having seen Iain putting his 00 through its paces and assisting by netting it, John soon got into a decent stream fish of his own. Seen here with the Pro Angler #3wt and some weight on another good wild brown trout. Iain is patiently waiting to return the net favour as soon as John has … Continue reading Putting the #3 Guides series to the test

First outing for the 00

Being a keen and very capable small water flyfisher, Iain brought down a new 00 3pc with him for this trip. Don’t think he was too disappointed with some of these wild brown trout workouts during the tour. While below, John looks on while the Iain’s rod gets an even bigger trout to tackle.