Red Tag regular gets among them again

Gary ‘of the 2wt large wild brown fame’, had a day at Currawong (weather driven) then a second day on the Macquarie river. Both turned out to be good fish days, if very different experiences. First up weather not so hot but the fishing was at Currawong Lakes. Gary releasing his first to hand for … Continue reading Red Tag regular gets among them again

Vincent has a corker of a workshop

Learning was the aim, achieving was the game! This lovely returning rainbow, was just one of four top quality fish to hand and several more to the fly for Vincent. Sighted, stalked and caught by the angler it was a fitting fish to complete a great teaching workshop. Staying at the beautiful heritage ‘Priory’ in … Continue reading Vincent has a corker of a workshop

Early season success

After a mixed day on the water end of August, Adrian got this nice well-conditioned rainbow to hand. Had a number of hook-ups with some good fish on (this one, below, put a decent bend in the #5wt) but with all the feed and water around they were not taking the fly hard at all and gentle hands and a soft … Continue reading Early season success

Nationwide film festival lifts Tasmania’s wild trout image

For details of shows, venues and dates visit Fishing Tasmania. The featured film is a 45-minute fly fishing travelogue, The Source — Tasmania demonstrating the State’s variety of wild trout waters. Highly recommend it.

Tassie midwinter workshop?

You bet! Father and son David and Justin from Queensland wanted to try fly fishing while down in Tasmania for a midwinter break, and look what happened. Tried out a private fishery called Red Banks for the first time, less than an hour’s run from Hobart, and very pleased with the results. To start with … Continue reading Tassie midwinter workshop?

Aussie Navy flies on water:

Along comes the Hobart regatta and with it the Australian Navy – HMAS Paramatta and sub HMAS Collins. Here Jared works a grasshopper on a broadwater. Then the three submariners, Jason, Mat and Phil are in a very different environment than their day job! To show some success was had, here is Jason with his … Continue reading Aussie Navy flies on water: