Good introductory workshop

Alan has a lively introduction to fly fishing … Returning this 2.5lbs rainbow on our teaching water. This one took a damsel fly nymph Then a wading/stalking intro on the river. After spotting a couple of rising fish in the river, the weather took a turn for the worst and the fish ‘went down’.

High water offers great opportunities

This top rainbow was the result of some very patient work by Ron from New South Wales. Ron had had a tough weather tour, but recent rains around the Currawong Lakes area had lead to good rises in the lake’s water levels. So much so that the trout were searching the newly flooded spots for fresh … Continue reading High water offers great opportunities

Day One success!

Petar & Amanda, only had a day to ‘give it a go’. But, after some trying times, Amanda is delighted with this one taken on a blue damsel dry. Very happy to release back into our teaching water. After a frustrating day, ‘last cast Paul’, hooks into what turned out to be the biggest ‘teaching water’ … Continue reading Day One success!

Mates have good workshop day

Luke and Mostyn (with fish on) starting their ‘on water’ casting session on our teaching water. A surprise brown – in top nick too. It was some what tougher going in the bright and clear conditions stalking the wild browns on the river. This is how Mostyn summed up the day: “Thanks Roger, We are … Continue reading Mates have good workshop day

Another Northern Territorian succumbs

A number of fishers from the Northern Territory are either trying the fresh water trout fly fishing, or learning fly fishing while down south. Here Michael is onto a nice wild brown trout on the ‘old faithful’ Emerger … And releases after bringing to hand. A great way to star on the dry! This one … Continue reading Another Northern Territorian succumbs

Workshop success

Sharon had set up the workshop for Tim, then stole ‘first fish’ status with this … A nice rainbow from our teaching water. Then with the wind driving up to Currawong, Tim gets his first wild brown on the mayfly nymph. … and tops it off with this great 1.5kg rainbow. A nice way to … Continue reading Workshop success

Late Autumn learner

Tom and his mate Ed wanted a day in May (after the rivers and public brown trout waters had closed) … Tom to have his first ever go on the fly and Ed to sharpen his skills. The guys were happy to look at Currawong Lakes as an option. This was Tom’s introduction — a … Continue reading Late Autumn learner

Another good learning day!

Tony wanted to get to know more about stream/river craft. After a couple of early missed chances on the larger deep pools, this wild brown was a good start in the faster water. Followed up with a smaller one in the ripples shortly after. Although the day was windy and light drizzle, all action was on … Continue reading Another good learning day!