Repeat ‘Tagger John’s trip had it all …

From the happy grin of 1st for the trip, to frustrated misses …

… to this beautiful 2lbs+ wild river brown on the ‘hopper pattern.

Big bends in the Aire series #2wt were part of John’s best ever river day …

… to the final gentle release.

Objective: get first ever wild trout on the dry and in a river

Dan, who had an introductory workshop with us in spring 2016, was keen to learn more about dry fly / river craft. Started the day on the broad waters with improving presentation.

Then onto the faster / variable flow waters – upstream dry fly presentations.

Objective achieved! Wild brown on ‘hopper pattern.

Successfully netted and then released. Dan ended up with 7 to the fly (all on the dry), 2 to hand, another with weight on and the rest … well another day??

Still more International success

Stephen, visiting from Lincolnshire. UK, was delighted to spend a day on one of Tasmania’s wild trout rivers.

Apart from the good number of lively browns he got to hand …

… he was keen to show his angling mates back home what a real wild river trout stream should look like!

Once the ‘stream managers’ clean up the rivers back home after winter floods etc, there are no handy resting places between pools like this!

And, there are certainly no interesting wild life finds like this blue-tongue lizard we came across looking for its dinner on our way back to the vehicle.

First time – first fish – top reward!

Julian was over the moon with this fine wild brown at Currawong Lakes on his first ever fly fishing day.

More so as he was the leader of ‘team Julian’, having organised the introductory fly fishing workshop for himself, Dru, left, and Rodney.

Certainly put some weight on the rod … and most pleasing of all it was on the dry, a committed Blue Damsel feeder. Stalked, cast to and landed!

Another U.S. stream fisher enjoys a Tassie trout experience!

John, from California, had a top day on our streams in January. Both wild browns and rainbows to hand. 

This fish was one of his 14 to the fly for the day.

Plenty of bend in the #3wt … this was just what John was after, challenging small waters, fit fish and dry fly fishing …

Another beautiful wild brown being released.

You never know how a day will pan out!

Darren (owner/operator) of Puddleduck Vineyard, seen here into a nice wild brown, was fishing with the guide at Currawong Lakes recently when we heard a buzzing sound overhead.

It turned out to be a drone doing some filming for the owners, see the video on #currawonglakes Facebook site.

Not only did they get some top casting action from Darren, but as they were hovering, he hooked up this nice rainbow, netted and released … all unscripted and caught on film. The shot of guide & client in action. Take a look at their clip, it is great coverage of the Currawong Lakes set up!

Next day it was lively stream action on the #2wt with wild browns up to their usual tricks. Some 14 to the fly for the day topped off a relaxing couple of days ‘on the fly in Tasmania’ for one of our successful local winemakers.

Wooden boats & wild trout … a special Tassie experience

Warwick comes down to Tassie for his ‘on water and in water’ fix every two years. After two days at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart this is his first run … 1st fish on day 1 of two days stalking wild trout.

It was the only one of some 35 to the fly that was not on the dry — this one on a #14 copper bead-head dark brown nymph.

Warwick’s #3wt got a real work out over the two days on two different waters.

This one was a ‘snuggler’ but it was put back with its friends.

“Went that a way … but finally netted it”.

Warwick ended up with the best two days of the season so far!