The Mayflies are here!

Good news … the dry fly fishing season has arrived.

After all the rain, cold and wind we have had down here over the first two months of Spring, The levels on Tasmania’s rivers, streams and lowland lakes are settling, the waters are clearing and the fly life is emerging.


The Mayfly … nymphs, duns, red and black spinners are all starting to excite the trout.


The rise … what we have been waiting for over the last three weeks or so – a mayfly feeder.


… and The Damsels are also emerging and will soon follow on the trout’s menu.
The fish are in top condition, the rivers and streams are flushed ready to fire and the weather is warming to hatching stage.

Come on down and get into the action!

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Teaching water: never looked better – never fished better!


Dan with one of his two rainbows to hand (plus a break-off) on his first ever day of fly fishing. This one a tad over 4lbs! The best fish yet from our introductory water.


Dan, left, with his father Frank had a two day workshop with us.


Day 2 at Currawong Lakes and Dan has his first ever wild brown on the fly — sighted, stalked and hooked up 1st cast to this very nice feeder – doesn’t get much better than that!


Frank, after the whole gambit of ‘learners luck’ — missed, lost, break-off, finally gets a good hook up on a really good fish …


… only to lose it when it spat the fly before Dan could get the net under it.

Well there is always next time Frank. They are now hooked on the fly and planning how best spend their #150 21st season vouchers!!

Lakes good, but rivers tough for Red Tag regular


High water turned this usually dry river bed into a second stream. It was high expectations for Simon to search, but not this time.


A few takes along the edges of the bubble lines – but not a lot of river action


Searching the reed edges and structures resulted in good returns at Currawong.


This 3.5lb wild brown falling to a brown woolly bugger was one. Simon had a couple of quality rainbows as well to finish off a more successful lakes day 

An all-round win


Just reward for Noel, with this 3.5lb wild brown to hand!

Noel was presented with a Red Tag fly fishing introductory workshop for his birthday when purchased at a charity fund raising auction.

For the past few years, Red Tag has donated a full day all inclusive fly fishing workshop for two as part of both Heart Foundation and Breast Cancer annual gala dinner/auction nights.


Noel, along with mate John (closest to camera), the day starts with the 'on grass' casting intro …


Progresses to our own (rainbow stocked) teaching water then …


Finally a wild trout fishing session afternoon.

We see it as a particularly all round rewarding experience – the charities get good funds injection, the successful bidders (supporters) get the chance to cross off a bucket list activity and Red Tag makes a meaningful contribution to worthwhile causes.

Winners all.

Successful introduction to the Fly!


Great fishing mates Andrew & Ben share the delights of Andrew’s first ever trout on the fly. A fit 4lbs+ wild brown taken on a small woolly bugger. Fish were feeding close in on the flooded margins of Lake Currawong.


As you can see from the hook up, these fish are fossicking amongst the tussocks in shallow water, often seen chasing frogs, tadpoles, nymph, etc.


Then it was Ben into action – again the unweighted brown woolly bugger did the trick:


Another big grin as he sizes up his top conditioned 3lb+ rainbow while Andrew checks it out.

Worst day’s weather—best day fishing


Just ask young Ben from New South Wales – his first day ever fly fishing and this was one of four big wild rainbows to hand, for the afternoon! Another four had a go at his fly, but spat it.


From hook-up to hand … Ben’s concentration and skill level didn’t falter.

Plus a well earned ‘thumbs up’ from the guide on fish number four in the net!

Meanwhile mum, Penny, is delighted with Ben’s success, but unfortunately the trout weren’t looking at her presentations this time.

With, 50mm of rain in three hours, winds to 40kph and the odd sleet shower up at Currawong Lakes, Ben’s response was “what weather – didn’t bother the fish!”

International workshop day


Elfreda, left, and Parry (both from Hong Kong) getting to grips with the casting introduction.


Then geared up for their first ever fly fishing session.


Although both Elfreda, seen here stalking a fish that rose out past the reeds; and …


Parry, working off the deeper bank section, to another spotted trout, got the basics down well, the trout had the last say this time.

At the end of the day both were vowing to return with improved skills, so look out trout!

Combined workshop – steep learning curve!


From left – Antony, Des and Paul had a good workout getting started in ‘the art of the fly’. Here they are gearing up for first assault on our stocked rainbow water.


Antony and Paul working the shallows after a rainbow, but wind and stubborn fish meant change of venue after lunch.


Afternoon and evening on Currawong Lakes stalking wild trout saw a lot more action – especially from the fish!


Here Paul is casting to a close-in feeder that has moved literally just metres in front of him (can see the rings).

All in all very exciting, but frustrating for a team of beginners. Final count 1 lost, 1 missed and 2 lined = lots of fun had and converts to the fly made!

With the high water levels, Currawong Lakes looks like being a great series of waters throughout this season – can’t wait for the dry action to start.