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Some tight action on the #2wt


Sighted fish presented to …


Fish on! All up a good day on the ‘hopper and emerger.


Twins Elliot & Frances found studying the trout’s habitat and searching for their food very interesting


Then it was down to the more serious business of stalking some raising browns with Mum & Dad


Fish were sighted and cast to, but their first wild trout is still to come.


Tony wanted to get to know more about stream/river craft. After a couple of early missed chances on the larger deep pools, this wild brown was a good start in the faster water.


Followed up with a smaller one in the ripples shortly after. Although the day was windy and light drizzle, all action was on the dry.


Roger was out from Yorkshire and just had to get to grips with some of our ex-pat wild browns! Putting him on a #2wt and onto the temperate rainforest waters was a fine way to start.


Working the bubble line was the way to go and it was dries all the time.


Sometimes the close quarters called for tight roll casts …


On other occasions a longer line was called for.


But whatever was needed, some great action was had.


From left, Lyn, Leigh, Will & Jessie kitted out ready for action on Day One of their family fly fishing workshop. It was Lyn's idea after seeing A river somewhere years ago and she always wanted to give it a go. So she talked the whole family into it.


Then it was off the Currawong Lakes to put their new skills to the test. This was Jessie with the first of the day — a top nick rainbow trout.


Then Will was into a good one after a good dry fly presentation.


It’s another good rainbow and Will is delighted.


Will went on to be top rod and this lovely young wild brown trout was another for his tally.

Unfortunately, Leigh missed a couple and had a big break-off, and Lyn did everything right, but the fish were not kind to her. She will just have to come back for another go.


Not to be outdone by the overseas contingent, Gerald, long time client and dedicated dry fly man, gets the first for the season at Currawong Lakes on the Blue Damsel.

With a couple of milestone firsts as icing on the cake.


Kevin (from USA) gets the very first stream catch for the season on the Blue Damsel!


This nice 1.5lb wild brown trout sighted leaping after damsels in the reed bed was the result.


Then ‘Becky’ is delighted with the even better one on the dry — especially as it was her first ever day fly fishing!


The day was then topped off with a fantastic sunset.

Day One was Currawong Lakes and Day Two the streams.


Norm is very happy to have got this nice fit wild brown to hand at Currawong Lake …


… after this sort of hectic round the reeds AND stump effort by the fish.


Roy was not left out on the Currawong Lake with this nice rainbow — one of a number to hand.


However, Day Two was Roy’s with some fine stream action and the story of the one that ‘straightened the hook’.