Canada joins the Red Tag ‘club’

Dale enjoyed some early action down south on his recent visit to Tasmania waters. This was one of seven rainbows and two browns to hand on day 1.

This good sized small stream rainbow was particularly rewarding being polarioded and brought to hand in a tough location …

… then safely returned.

Then there was this dragon fly attack on the emerger. Dale was somewhat surprised (and so was the guide) when this dragon fly swooped on the emerger in mid cast and became his first ‘wild’ dragon fly to hand. Neither of us had seen such a thing before.

A smile of achievement on day 2 with this feisty stream brownie. After the dragon fly catch, leaping 2lb browns taking them and nothing else under the hot bright sun was a most welcome result.

More internationals enjoy Tassie fly fishing

Singaporeans, Ko, left, and Jo enjoyed an introductory day of fly fishing where they wanted to experience wading and stalking small streams as they have nothing back home to compare.

Here they appreciate a rest after a particularly hectic session where both got fish to the dry fly but missed getting them to hand.

To his credit, Ko managed to get his emerger right up in the top shadow on this VERY narrow section, hooked a lively wild brown but unfortunately lost it before we could net it in the hectic action that followed the hook up.

Jo working on her presentation skills in the first session on the river.

Promises kept …

Gary (with fish on) and Keith (in background), great fishing mates, were travelling with their wives — self catering as much as possible, and although never having fly fished before, had booked a two-day introductory workshop and ‘sort of promised’ trout for dinner each day!

This one ended up in a break-off on our teaching water – not the success the boys were looking for.

However … Keith spotted a rising trout on the afternoon river session and set out to correct things.

DIY Keith then not only presented to, hooked and netted his first wild brown unaided, it resulted in a plump 1lber to serve to the girls as main course on night one!   

With Keith’s DIY (and promise delivering) skills well established, 

… he was happy to return this 3.5lb rainbow to its habitat.

Enter Gary … after break-offs and missed chances, this is it!

… his first ever wild brown trout and promise fulfilled with dinner for day 2!

Luck of the Irish?

… or skill of the angler?

I say skill! Paddy’s first go at fly fishing, first cast to a rising fish, first wild brown to hand AND on the dry!

Very nice fish at that.

Next (returning ‘Tagger) Vanessa gets her first of the trip – again sighted, stalked and excellent dry fly presentation.

Vanessa also picked up this brown beauty at Currawong Lakes.

Top day for Michael

Michael (from Germany) onto his first for the day – taken on an unweighted mayfly nymph pattern.

First one on the dry. Michael was delighted to use the #3wt on the stream as he uses similar gear back home and between emergers and black spinner patterns had a double figure day of fish to fly .

This wild brown was particularly satisfying as Michael saw it feeding some distance away, then polaroided its position, then the black sinner over its nose and on! 

Amongs the lost fish was a magnificent brown est at 2.5lbs+ that we watched break Michael off around a tree root.

Currawong Slam achieved

Steve and Jo started their two-week Tassie adventure with Red Tag on the small streams and Currawong Lakes.

Jo getting some experience on small waters with a #3wt.

Steve on the #2wt (for the first time) had success on this small stream picking up a nice little brownie on the emerger.

Jo & Steve working the shore on Lake Macquarie at Currawong.

Steve into his best wild brown for the day – result was a 3.5lb+ brownie. Took some fancy tip-toeing to keep above the ‘plimsoll-line’. This was one of five out of six Steve landed for the day, all on one of my brown woolly buggers designed for the Currawong Lakes.

Steve ended up achieving the Currawong Slam! At least one fish from each (of three) lakes on the same day.

Father & sons day

Mark, seen here with his 1st ever trout on the fly – a 4lb rainbow from our teaching water, along with his sons Luke and Charlie had a recent introduction day with us.

Here is the team, Charlie (closest to camera), Luke & Mark.

Later we moved to Currawong for the afternoon session and Luke hooked into a good wild one, but the fish had other ideas taking him into a big weed bed and breaking off.

Regular ‘Tagger’s Best Trip!

Phil was very happy with this lively wild brown on his #2wt, one of seven to hand on a day of unweighted nymphing and dry fly fishing

On day 1 we had to find Phil some sheltered spots on Currawong Lakes – this one also acted as top concealment … resulting in this hook up, a 3lb wild brown.

Another nice bit of stream action by Phil. All in all a top trip with his comment on getting home, “Thanks again for a wonderful time – the best one yet. You just keep making them better and better.” – a most rewarding one for the guide as well.