Father & sons day

Mark, seen here with his 1st ever trout on the fly – a 4lb rainbow from our teaching water, along with his sons Luke and Charlie had a recent introduction day with us.

Here is the team, Charlie (closest to camera), Luke & Mark.

Later we moved to Currawong for the afternoon session and Luke hooked into a good wild one, but the fish had other ideas taking him into a big weed bed and breaking off.

Regular ‘Tagger’s Best Trip!

Phil was very happy with this lively wild brown on his #2wt, one of seven to hand on a day of unweighted nymphing and dry fly fishing

On day 1 we had to find Phil some sheltered spots on Currawong Lakes – this one also acted as top concealment … resulting in this hook up, a 3lb wild brown.

Another nice bit of stream action by Phil. All in all a top trip with his comment on getting home, “Thanks again for a wonderful time – the best one yet. You just keep making them better and better.” – a most rewarding one for the guide as well.

Delightful days on Tassie streams

Philip’s grin says it all – day 1, session 1 – his first Tassie wild brown river trout, sighted rising, changed to black spinner, perfect presentation, fish to hand.

Then  released. Not the biggest fish in the river, but very satisfying and exciting on the lightweight gear.

Day 2 – 2nd cast and we were off again. This day, complete success on all the mayfly imitations. This one on a copper beadhead dk. brown (mayfly) nymph under indicator.

This one on the (Mayfly) para Emerger. Another six to hand, some on the black spinner (adult) pattern and the balance on a single un-weighted #12 mayfly nymph fished upstream – no indicator yarn – 10′ leader.

A very tricky, testing yet rewarding, single fly style. No wonder Philip had such a wide grin with a promise to return!  

Rivers and lakes fire up

After breaking his duck on one of our river sections the day before, Ross ( a returning ‘Tagger) then had a top day at Currawong Lakes. This (at 3.5lbs) was the only rainbow to hand for the day, but plenty of action.

This was one of a number of brown’s from 3-4.25lbs to hand.

For the final action of the day – Ross desperately trying to steer an estimated 5lb+ out of the bullrushes.

Finished with the guide up to his chest in water among the 3m high rushes, (very) wild brown wrapping himself four times around a bunch of reeds – guides gets fish in – fish bites off fly — leaps out of net and takes off to the deep … “always look on the bright side of life.”

Stream lover’s success

Phil (with wife Jacqui) loves small stream fly fishing and this lively wild brown on the (Stalker Gluide Series) #2wt was a nice reward for his …

… ’first time’ cast that had to be made from a couple of rod lengths back through the narrow opening, right up the bubble line to the sighted rise at the top of the pool, where Phil is about to net it.

Jacqui, seen here checking out the next stretch, took her first fish from the pool Phil had success on just a minute or so earlier — again a nice stream wild brown on the dry – first cast at the bottom of the pool. Great to see the black spinners out and the waters starting to settle.

Regular ‘Tagger’s Best ever Trip


This was one of John’s wild browns to hand at Currawong Lakes – on day 1 of his 4 day tour in early November.


Keen to finish what he has started – John’s enjoys the challenge of netting these beauties as well …


… yes definitely a ‘cherry ripe’ counter that one!


This one took some netting … turned out to be John’s persoinal biggest trout on the fly yet — a 4.25lb rainbow!


After two days of exhilarating big fish action at Currawong, it was on to the rivers and this wild stream brown gave John a new set of challenges on his Stalker Aire series #2wt.


Day 4 another stream … another wild brown on the #2wt and the dry. This turned out to be John’s best day yet on a steam.
To sum up for John:

  • best ever trip (so far)
  • biggest brown yet … 3.75lbs
  • biggest rainbow trout yet … 4.25lbs
  • most fish to the fly & most fish to hand
  • 1st at Currawong Lakes on the dry for this season
  • 1st on the rivers on the dry for this season.

Considering the wind, rain, and fickle temperatures, a great effort all round, and John’s feedback: “I’ll be back in the Autumn, Roger.”

The Mayflies are here!

Good news … the dry fly fishing season has arrived.

After all the rain, cold and wind we have had down here over the first two months of Spring, The levels on Tasmania’s rivers, streams and lowland lakes are settling, the waters are clearing and the fly life is emerging.


The Mayfly … nymphs, duns, red and black spinners are all starting to excite the trout.


The rise … what we have been waiting for over the last three weeks or so – a mayfly feeder.


… and The Damsels are also emerging and will soon follow on the trout’s menu.
The fish are in top condition, the rivers and streams are flushed ready to fire and the weather is warming to hatching stage.

Come on down and get into the action!

Check our Booking Calendar for available dates.

Teaching water: never looked better – never fished better!


Dan with one of his two rainbows to hand (plus a break-off) on his first ever day of fly fishing. This one a tad over 4lbs! The best fish yet from our introductory water.


Dan, left, with his father Frank had a two day workshop with us.


Day 2 at Currawong Lakes and Dan has his first ever wild brown on the fly — sighted, stalked and hooked up 1st cast to this very nice feeder – doesn’t get much better than that!


Frank, after the whole gambit of ‘learners luck’ — missed, lost, break-off, finally gets a good hook up on a really good fish …


… only to lose it when it spat the fly before Dan could get the net under it.

Well there is always next time Frank. They are now hooked on the fly and planning how best spend their #150 21st season vouchers!!