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Steve (left) & Mostyn, from West Australia, enjoying a top workshop day.


Mostyn’s early triumph on our still water.


These rainbows are coming on nicely.


Steve stalking his first ever wild brown trout.


But beaten by Mostyn who gets his first ever wild brown on the ‘hopper.


Lauri, from Finland, had a good day on a southern water mid-April. Got a smaller one earlier on the dry after a break-off, This one took a bead-head dark brown nymph.


A nice Tassie small stream brown is returned.


Dean, another NSW angler, is all smiles with this plump wild brown from the river.

First time ever fly fishing picked this one up on a Nobby’s ‘hopper upstream under the over-hanging tussocks.


Late afternoon sun on the oldest bridge in Australia in Richmond, Tasmania.


Michael from NSW took this very nice wild brown at Currawong Lakes on the Red Spinner.


… followed next day with more dry fly action on the stream.


Jeremy, a visiting journalist from the UK, has to travel half way round the world to catch his first ever wild brown on the fly … a beautiful 15″ river fish. Intense concentration and a natural ‘feel’ for the task helped.


… holding it still for the ‘big smile’ shot proved a little difficult.


The next one was a better effort.


David, from Victoria, had never caught a brown trout on the fly before, never mind a wild one, but after a number of close calls and high winds, this was one very satisfying!


… this was the nervous part as the wild brown heads for cover, but angler prevails. Nobby’s ‘hopper accounted for this one.


Tony, from NSW, had a great day on our small streams in early March and this was one of many.


Sometimes they were holding in tight spots, but this only added to the challenge.

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