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Michael from NSW took this very nice wild brown at Currawong Lakes on the Red Spinner.


… followed next day with more dry fly action on the stream.


Jeremy, a visiting journalist from the UK, has to travel half way round the world to catch his first ever wild brown on the fly … a beautiful 15″ river fish. Intense concentration and a natural ‘feel’ for the task helped.


… holding it still for the ‘big smile’ shot proved a little difficult.


The next one was a better effort.


David, from Victoria, had never caught a brown trout on the fly before, never mind a wild one, but after a number of close calls and high winds, this was one very satisfying!


… this was the nervous part as the wild brown heads for cover, but angler prevails. Nobby’s ‘hopper accounted for this one.


Tony, from NSW, had a great day on our small streams in early March and this was one of many.


Sometimes they were holding in tight spots, but this only added to the challenge.

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Regular ‘Tagger Gerald loves the challenge of the wild trout chasing the damsels at Currawong Lakes.

This clear, bright and challenging day was no exception, yet Gerald got all on the Blue Damsel, mostly wild browns, like the one above, and a couple of rainbows.


There was some serious weight on the rod with these fish.


The fast and furious runs needed total concentration!

Long time great mates Adrien & Danny were mad keen to learn to fly fish the rivers.

After a hectic (and successful) previous evening introduction on our rainbow still water it was onto the wild trout river.


Here Danny’s third cast brings his first wild brown to hand.


Adrien finally gets his first river trout after misses, drops and a few trees.


When it all comes together, how easy is that!


Good fish! Colin, another repeat ‘Tagger from Sydney, set a new best to hand on his #2wt with this beautiful (1kg) river brown. Guide’s local knowledge helped pick this one up on an emerger drifted close to right hand bank of river.

Planning and flexibility pays off – a couple of examples within minutes of each other…


Task 1: Trout rises beyond branch behind anglers head next to log – ‘how do we present to this one?’, asks Colin. ‘Over branch, metre upstream from rise & half metre from log, don’t worry about branch – hook up fish first then we take it from there’, guide says.

Plan worked a treat with Para ‘hopper! Think Colin is still grinning over this success.


Task 2: Fish makes big splash next to far 45° reed on left/hand bend – Colin presents ‘hopper (last fish took it, but now gets refusal. ‘What now’, asks Colin.

‘We change ‘hopper to Blue Damsel right away’. Colin represents half metre past reed and it is on! Very nice 15 incher couldn’t resist the damsel.

These were great examples of Red Tag’s KOCPIT theory in action;
K- knowledge – local waters and trout feeding habits
O- observation – how the fish are feeding and what is around
C- concentration – on fish position and fly
P- presentation – accurate, first time on target
I- imitation – matched appropriate fly pattern to observed feeding activity.
T- Take – all the above came together. Result, trout to hand!