First day fly fishing — biggest trout ever


Toshi, from Japan, has been lure/bait fishing for 40 years in Japan and decided Tasmania was the best place to try out fly fishing.


He started tarted on a gentle stretch of the river with an unweighted nymph – and action! 


With great concentration he bought it to the net. Turned out to be a wild brown over 45cm – his best trout ever!

Phil’s best Tassie tour yet!


Now a regular Tagger Phil (Victoria) had his best trip to date. This was early day one – a nice wild river brown


Pleased to be back in its natural habitat.


No wonder Phil is looking pleased, this was one of eight to hand at Currawong the next day.


With a combination of browns like this and bigger rainbows, Phil's catch was something like 26lbs of wild trout (ave 3lbs+) for the day.


A final rainbow (nudging 5lbs) puts a most satisfying smile on one’s face.

Some reflective notes on the Currawong Lakes day:

  • Phil took fish from every lake
  • on dries, nymphs and wets.
  • the biggest fish got away (of course), but brings with it a warning – check your backing before it’s needed! One fish hooked took him straight down to the backing in one run, only for Phil to find out his backing had a couple of bad loops in it. Result was jammed reel with guide de-spooling to clear the snagged line while 100 feet away a great (looked like a brown est. 6lbs+) trout leaped clear and spat the hook! It was certainly the biggest fish of the day by far!

When reviewing the problem Phil's comment was: "I've never been into the backing before so had no idea it was loose on the spool.” Bet he checks it regularly now!

Andrew has a day out with the Damsels!


The first to hand for the season on the Blue Damsel — his first fish took one and went!


Next a (soon to discover) best ever wild brown trout for him — on the Blue Damsel again.


Beautiful fish …


… and yes the camera does work under water — difficulty is learning to focus while not drowning!

The Blue Damsels were proving that popular even the swallows were chasing them om the back cast.

Learner ‘hooked’ and International visitor has a ball!


Workshop beginner Peter (Vic) and overseas mate Torstein (Norway), had a great day at Currawong Lakes recently. This was Peter's first ever on the fly – dry at that – a 1.5kg wild brown trout.


Experienced Torstein got among them with this nice brown … just one of a number of top conditioned fish.


An fine example of the fish on the day.


A beautiful location and a top day with lots of action.

A tough day – but a good one


Brothers Tim, left, and Nick had been trying to get this day together for a year or more. After all the false starts finally here and with them (unfortunately) the wind, cold and some rain!



Both love rivers, and although sighting some on two different waters, it was re-assess at mid-day. It was off to the lakes to try and find some shelter and fish!


Finally — Tim has a good one on …


… and Nick is close by with the net.


A nice way to end a tough 'day at the office’.

Red Tag regular has a top trip


John opened up his 20th season trip on some southern waters with this plump little brown. This was followed by a very active rainbow in another stream.


With a change in weather came a change in plan — off the Currawong and some nice fish!


The hardest fish to hook (and try to hold) are the longest (and possibly best) memories.

John ‘sat’ on this fish, in cloud and mist, for 1.25hrs while it worked its beat along the bank to the log in the water, then a circle inside the trees in front of him.

A regular, frustrating, munching, arrogant action that was driving us both mad. Three fly changes, countless muscle stretches and fly placements later (with John guessing fish around 1.5lbs) the take!


Despite John’s frantic efforts to ‘hold on to it’ the “1.5 pounder” tore off all the fly line and was heading into the backing when it took a 90degleft hand turn through the trees (far right of pic) snapped off and was never seen again.

From the fleeting glimpse of body at break-off, fish was re-assessed at 5-6lbs minimum!

You’ll have to come back John!