Guru & friends relax on Tassie waters

Had a top couple of days recently with fishing guru Steve Starling, and his family, along with their good friends, Gary (of Norman Gunston fame) & Di McDonald.
Day one was on a lowland stream, dries and light gear.

Here Steve has just christened his new #3wt ‘twig’ with much joy and enthusiastic support from Gary (photo: Jo).
Nice bend in the rod there Steve.

Guides attempting to get Gary’s attention back on the rise up ahead (Jo in background trying to keep a straight face) … a thoroughly enjoyable day.
… Planning the approach …

The take. Top presentation Gary.
Great roll out of fly by Jo (top camera work to Steve) … it was only a year ago I was working with Jo on stream craft and fly delivery and her progress in presentation, reading the water and all round river ability, has been the best I have seen in over 20 years of guiding.
… so much so that the cast resulted in this hook up and Jo picked up two trout in the first pool we fished.

Day Two

Day two at Currawong Lakes was also great fun and productive.Dunn feeders in the morning and Damsel fly chasers from midday were the go.

Fish sighted, fly (para mayfly emerger) presented … fish on!

Result, happy Gary and 2.5lb rainbow to hand.

Di stalking edge feeders up on Lake Currawong.

Steve with a young wild brown at Currawong from their own spawning fish. Both 2015 & 2016 had excellent spawning conditions for Currawong and there is a wide size and age range of self sustaining trout, both browns and rainbows making up their fish numbers.

The ‘Butler’ Blue that does the job on those leaping damsel feeders. (photo Steve).

Top shot of a Currawong Lakes cruising wild brown. (Photo Steve)

Experience rewarded & beginner success to start 2018!

Experienced fly fisher Darren, seen here onto a solid brown that took the Blue Damsel, was keen to get his wife Andie to try fly fishing.

Didn't take Andie long to come to grips with both the activity and the reward!

This was her first ever trout on the fly, a 3.5lb rainbow taken on a 'Butler' Blue.

Lovely buck rainbow heading home.

Andie with another to hand… a beautiful wild brown, again on the dry.

A great day on the dries and a top way to start your fly fishing journey.

Record performance by Son … Dad is amazed!

This was son Dan’s fish No1 for the day at Currawong Lakes. First out of 15 to hand. … 6 x rainbows and 9 x browns!

No wonder Dan has the grin, 3rd cast 1st rainbow.

And so it continued … damsel nymph took the 6 x rainbows (between 2.5 – 3.5lbs) pre lunch!

Then we dropped down to Lake Long Marsh and it was the browns taking Dan's own brown woolly bugger pattern.

A beautiful fish!

Finally on day 2 Frank gets a look in. After watching son get 15 to hand on day 1, having dropped a couple, missed a couple, had a refusal or two the Blue Damsel came good!

Here is the proof, the Blue Damsel in the lip!

The day 1 performance by Dan was the most fish ever landed by one of my clients at Currawong Lakes — Dan even followed up with 5 on the Blue Damsel himself on afternoon of day 2.

US angler gets in the action

Mick hooks up to a nice wild brown trout — on the dry!

… then releases same, beautiful colours on our wild browns.

After getting blown off the river, headed to Currawong Lakes for the afternoon, and more success for Mick

A very nice rainbow this time, again on the dry.

Young ones first up success!

It is always a challenge when teaching young people to fly fish. Here brothers Luca, 9, on left, and Jordan, 12, with dad are getting a first taste of 'on water' casting after their intro grass session..

By afternoon they were stalking wild browns in the river … and this is Luca successfully working his first to hand.

Soon followed by Jordan's first wild brown.

As well as both of them getting a fish to hand on day one, the trout were sighted by the boy’s surface feeding, presented to with the merger dry and hooked first time!

A great way to get into fly fishing by anyone, let alone two boys who now have a lifetime of enjoyment and fly fishing adventures ahead of them.

Regular’s bountiful four days on rivers and lakes

Day 1 – River A nice brown on new (to John) technique. Upstream unweighted, no ‘wool’ indicator, mayfly nymphing.

While high bank spotting for John, came across one of our natural wonders out for a wander.

Day 2 at Currawong Lakes – tough start then the damsel feeders made an appearance, two in five minutes — first for the season on the Blue Damsel!

Top couple of rainbows John.

Day 3 Another stream – Top Rod so far — 14 to hand — all on the dry!

Day 4 and yet another river and more dry fly action. Top trip John, see you again … maybe ‘hopper time?

Trials and tribulations of a teaching day

Getting the cast going. Phil furthest from camera, along with sons Paddy & Adrian (closest) starting off.

Then onto the teaching water for the first fishing session — Adrian loses (break-off) a good rainbow.

See — that’s what a wild river brown looks like!

A nice way to start, a 14″ brown on the dry as your first ever trout on the fly.

Light gear delights

Ex Kiwi, now NSW-based, George was looking to get some dry fly action on light gear with his day on the water. This was his first to hand, a lively brownie on a #4wt.

Next one takes off down stream with a lively run …

… but finally brought to hand.

On smaller water in the afternoon, changed down to a #3wt (one of Hurleys FFW new AirFlow Creek rods) and it, along with George, performed beautifully.

One of the many beautifully marked wild browns to hand … the faithful (pink posted) emerger again.