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Steve, a repeat ‘Tagger from Victoria, did a very sensible thing at the start of his recent three day tour.

He took the time at the start of Day 1 to get the presentation right! Having not used a 7’9″ 4wt Master Plus before and not fished for some months, he found it ‘a little different’ to feel the loading, so we took the fly off and spent 15 minutess to get things right. This was number 1 of Day 1 literally just moments after the practice.


A nice piece of netting Steve.


On releasing the first wild brown, brownie’s fellow stream dweller makes a cameo ‘sail’ past.


This was top fish for Day 1 – on ‘old faithful’ – the dark brown para emerger no less. Topped 3.25lbs and really rewarded Steve’s earlier mornings practice session. It followed a 15 metre cast across reed bed with only a metre wide channel to target and less than 1.5m of free fly drift! Top result!


Gotcha! This was fish 1 (to hand) Day 2 and another box ticked. Steve wanted to polaroid the shallows for wild browns and this was the result. After a previous bigger brown (est 4lbs) took the nymph and disappeared he was very pleased to net this one.


On Day 3 Steve gets his wish for a wild brown on a ‘hopper pattern. So it was all boxes ticked on a top Tassie trout fishing experience.


Brian came over from WA in early December to give our wild browns (and rainbows) a try out.

Early on Brian’s concentration and small water handling skills were tested, above, by this lively brown.


Another river … and another fish.


Even high water levels at Currawong Lakes didn’t stop Brian – this very strong rainbow among a number to hand. He was able to fish six different rivers and the Currawong Lakes over the trip.


Steve (the beginner) stole the show being top rod for the 4 day trip. This was 1 of 5 at Currawong Lake — a lovely conditioned wild brown trout.


Not to be outdone, Paul (the novice) gets this very good (1.5kg) rainbow to hand after quite an effort.


… then onto the swollen wild brown river where Paul nails this magnificent 1kg+ brown on the dry, after being taken about 100 metres down stream by a very wily trout’s evasive actions. He was delighted the guide managed a desperate, hanging off of the tree up to armpits, netting.

And a very satisfied Paul returned a worthy warrior to his rightful place.

November rains meant top fishing for tailing trout at Currawong Lake.

IMGP0349Alan from Victoria had some great tailing trout fishing at Currawong Lakes.

IMGP0339This one, taken on an unweighted nymph, and making a beeline for the open lake was literally in a few centimetres of water. 

IMGP0348Many were sighted and taken inside the normal (at this time of year) lake’s edge reed line.


Andy’s first day at fly fishing and he gets a plump little rainbow to hand on the dry!


Next day, mate (and regular ‘Tagger) Ernest shows the way on some flooded lowlands backwaters.


Ernest returning another nice top conditioned river wild brown.


Sure Paul! We believe you, the first ever wild brown on the fly was this big one on day 1 of a two day workshop.


That is better, 2nd day wild brown at Currawong Lakes, this time on camera!


Meanwhile Kim had break-offs, missed chances and finally hooks up and hangs on …


… and gets nice rainbow in hand. It was a big grin – but the fish wriggled!

Brian & Ann, from USA, had the first real dry fly day late October. No ‘world beaters’ size-wise this time, but it was our first double figure to hand day of the season which made it all the more enjoyable.


Some nice emerger action straight after lunch for Ann.


Then Brian gets onto one of the better takes of the day.


A plump stream-sized wild brown trout – again taken on the dry.


A recent November (spring) day in Tasmania on our teaching water, cotton-wool clouds, no wind, just peace and tranquillity. One could say ‘the reception area of the Red Tag office’.