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With a couple of milestone firsts as icing on the cake.


Kevin (from USA) gets the very first stream catch for the season on the Blue Damsel!


This nice 1.5lb wild brown trout sighted leaping after damsels in the reed bed was the result.


Then ‘Becky’ is delighted with the even better one on the dry — especially as it was her first ever day fly fishing!


The day was then topped off with a fantastic sunset.

Day One was Currawong Lakes and Day Two the streams.


Norm is very happy to have got this nice fit wild brown to hand at Currawong Lake …


… after this sort of hectic round the reeds AND stump effort by the fish.


Roy was not left out on the Currawong Lake with this nice rainbow — one of a number to hand.


However, Day Two was Roy’s with some fine stream action and the story of the one that ‘straightened the hook’.


Mike & Olga from Western Australia were the latest newcomers to the art of the fly!


Mike hooks up on a good one …


and is rewarded with a lovely wild brown on the dry as his first ever ‘on the fly’


Olga was very ‘kind’ on the trout having a number of takes, but no hook-ups.


Andrew, left, and son David team up to ensure Dad’s nice wild brown is brought to hand. Both are delighted by the ‘Tag team effort!


Shadows make best lies for trout on sunny days. Andrew hooks up a good one in the top of the upstream shadow on the right.


After a tough day one and some missed chances, Hugh was delighted to net his first Tasmanian wild brown trout.


Looks like successfully to me! This nice brown was picked up by upstream unweighted nymphing — in my view one of the hardest ways to detect a take, but Bram managed admirably.


Then it was a polaroided fish taken on the para emerger, only trouble was it was it was well over a kilogram and knew its territory very well indeed. Under the trees and … snap!


Oh, well — sometimes you have to be happy with a smaller sibling to hand!


John was delighted to be on the Tassie wild brown streams again with light gear and tight conditions.


Big grins and beautifully marked wild brown trout from the forest waters.


The lowland river is a great contrast, slow waters and open fields, but what quality browns.


A beatiful fish on light gear.


Phil is now a Tassie convert, coming down long enough each trip to combine good time on the streams with a day at Currawong Lakes.

This was start of day 1, after a couple of early takes, a nice little wild brown on the light gear.


Popped this one in to remind Phil, and let you know we do have some windless fly time in Tassie!


This was the icing on the cake at Currawong Lakes on a tough weather day. It still intrigues me after all the years of trout fishing and guiding where you will find a trout.

Phil spotted this one in what you could only describe as a ‘puddle’ of calm water behind the reeds. One cast to the right spot … and bingo!.