Learner ‘hooked’ and International visitor has a ball!


Workshop beginner Peter (Vic) and overseas mate Torstein (Norway), had a great day at Currawong Lakes recently. This was Peter's first ever on the fly – dry at that – a 1.5kg wild brown trout.


Experienced Torstein got among them with this nice brown … just one of a number of top conditioned fish.


An fine example of the fish on the day.


A beautiful location and a top day with lots of action.

A tough day – but a good one


Brothers Tim, left, and Nick had been trying to get this day together for a year or more. After all the false starts finally here and with them (unfortunately) the wind, cold and some rain!



Both love rivers, and although sighting some on two different waters, it was re-assess at mid-day. It was off to the lakes to try and find some shelter and fish!


Finally — Tim has a good one on …


… and Nick is close by with the net.


A nice way to end a tough 'day at the office’.

Red Tag regular has a top trip


John opened up his 20th season trip on some southern waters with this plump little brown. This was followed by a very active rainbow in another stream.


With a change in weather came a change in plan — off the Currawong and some nice fish!


The hardest fish to hook (and try to hold) are the longest (and possibly best) memories.

John ‘sat’ on this fish, in cloud and mist, for 1.25hrs while it worked its beat along the bank to the log in the water, then a circle inside the trees in front of him.

A regular, frustrating, munching, arrogant action that was driving us both mad. Three fly changes, countless muscle stretches and fly placements later (with John guessing fish around 1.5lbs) the take!


Despite John’s frantic efforts to ‘hold on to it’ the “1.5 pounder” tore off all the fly line and was heading into the backing when it took a 90degleft hand turn through the trees (far right of pic) snapped off and was never seen again.

From the fleeting glimpse of body at break-off, fish was re-assessed at 5-6lbs minimum!

You’ll have to come back John!

Mates have good workshop day


Luke and Mostyn (with fish on) starting their ‘on water’ casting session on our teaching water.


A surprise brown – in top nick too.


It was some what tougher going in the bright and clear conditions stalking the wild browns on the river.

This is how Mostyn summed up the day: “Thanks Roger, We are still talking about the great day we had. I am hooked and will endeavour to get my casting right. Great pictures.”

Another Northern Territorian succumbs


A number of fishers from the Northern Territory are either trying the fresh water trout fly fishing, or learning fly fishing while down south. Here Michael is onto a nice wild brown trout on the ‘old faithful’ Emerger …


And releases after bringing to hand. A great way to star on the dry!


This one turned out to be another top rainbow.

Workshop success


Sharon had set up the workshop for Tim, then stole ‘first fish’ status with this …


A nice rainbow from our teaching water.


Then with the wind driving up to Currawong, Tim gets his first wild brown on the mayfly nymph.


… and tops it off with this great 1.5kg rainbow. A nice way to get into fly fishing!

Brothers enjoy the lakes


Paul (above) from Tasmania, and his brother Craig, from Victoria, enjoyed a great day at Currawong Lakes. Here Paul has an excellent conditioned kg+ rainbow after some top action to bring it to hand


Craig takes a more studied approach from this vantage point.


Then hooks up and gets a nice brown to hand


All fish were in top nick for early season.

Hooked on Puddleduck


View of the new Puddleduck tasting room, restaurant and exterior eating area (deck) over the ‘duck’ pond.

Local winemaker and vineyard owner Darren Brown now has a excellent, recently expanded, facility at Puddleduck winery on the Cambridge to Richmond ‘Coal Valley’ wine route.

Having tasted a few of his wines on recent season’s fly tours with Darren I can safely say he produces a top drop.

With a novel, but very appealing twist, on the BYO theme; at Puddleduck, you bring the food and they supply the wines to help wash it down!


The view looking out from inside the new ‘enclosed’ dining and tasting area.