Some trips are tougher than others

Another regular ‘Tagger, Phil, nipped over for a couple of days ‘R&R’ by way of ‘FoF’ (Fish on Fly). Plan was day1 at Currawong

This was success on day 1 — nice brown taken on the dry — when we finally found a ‘feeder’.

Lakes day 2 on rivers, search as Phil did, overnight rain run-off and cool easterly winds just put them down. But as Phil knows… there is always next time!

Regular ‘Tagger John – another top trip!

John has been a regular Red Tag client for many years now. It is always good to help him have some top days.

Here, he has just brought to hand his 11th for the day and is delighted with the quality and size of these small water wild browns.

Challenging sections like this are what John loves, to both test his skills and get some surprising action.

‘Come out of those logs; the net is waiting.’

After a great time on the rivers, it was on to Currawong Lakes which was producing some top fish …

… along with some ‘high-sticking’ action.

When a workshop comes together …

Mel came down to improve his fly fishing skills, having “done a little” in the past.

Well on day 1 at Currawong Lakes it all came together — from this lovely brown to …

…top conditioned rainbows.

It was action all day. Started on the mayfly emerger, then the Blue damsel, and finally the adult red spinner patterns, and all resulted in takes with fish to hand.

Success continued on the Macquarie river, with first up one on a bead-head under indicator introduction, followed by this nice river wild brown on the dry.
Top trip, lots of fish, numerous techniques introduced and mastered.

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

We are one year away from Tasmania being flooded by international anglers as we host the World Fly Fishing Championship 2019. The five venues for the event are Little Pine and Penstock lagoons, Woods Lake and the Meander and Mersey rivers.

In the weeks leading up to the event the competing anglers are not permitted to fish the competition waters so you will find them fishing places like Arthurs Lake, Bronte Lagoon, Four Springs Lake and the South Esk River.

Go to the Inland Fisheries Service web site for more information.

Longest Red Tag tour

Kathy & Marty from Florida, USA, had the longest tour Red Tag has ever done – 9 days/8 nights!

Fished many rivers and some lakes and had a great time (see Testimonials page).

Great teamwork pre ‘tea-break’ day one. Marty gets this top conditioned wild brown on a #14 copper bead-head, while Kathy does the honours with the net

Marty is delighted and about to return same.


Roles reversed, Kathy ‘somewhat’ pleased with this effort, while Marty does the netting.

Another good rainbow returned.

Marty in action on one of the many waters they fished. This was an emerger taker hiding amongst the strap weed. Needed an excellent presentation and good reflexes here.

Both Kathy and Marty loved sharing the waters and opportunities they provided and had success on dries, nymphs and wets across the trip.

‘Red spinners’ hatching for father & son

The sun is out and the mayflies finally make an appearance — John gets the first for the season on the dry. A beautiful wild brown on the Dark Brown Emerger.

John spotted his brown feeding along the reed edge, less than a metre off them.

Then it was dad’s turn with Garry picking up a couple of young browns, again on the dry.

Fit young brown about to go back.

Workmates have top workshop

Greg, James, Josh, Caleb & Brie had a full day’s introductory workshop at Currawong Lakes late October. All got onto trout, break-offs, and dropped fish, with Brie and Josh getting fish to hand.

Brie bringing her 2nd one to the net …


An excellent 2.5lbs rainbow.

One of Josh’s successes, another good rainbow. Although nothing on the dry, the damsel nymph and woolly bugger did the trick.