From recast to release


A great final fly fishing workshop and wild fish tour for the season just gone. Andrew, Gail [centre] and Donna getting to know what a fly rod does first up day 1 and the final wild fish released by Gail on the last session of the tour.


Passion Rewarded

Passion rewarded 01

Our original browns may have come here from the UK in 1864, but their wild and wily descendants were no match for UK flyfisher Rosemary on her recent visit to Tasmania.

This beautiful specimen was taken by Rosemary on the ‘PB ‘hopper’ at the end of February — one of the best fish out of the Macquarie this year. 21+ inches and close to 3lbs.

Tempted up from the depths to a well presented PB drifted close to the near bank, it was great to see someone who had come so far get a good reward for their passion.

Passion rewarded 02

Bruce gets the first brown and christens the digital

Bruce gets the first brown and christens the digital

Yes, you read it right.

Red Tag has finally gone digital and Bruce did the honours for the first shots within 10 minutes of the start.

Ye old Pink Bummed grasshopper, no less, proving the fish’s undoing.

Sharing a good stretch of river

good mates fishing together

Bruce bringing another top conditioned fish to hand while Nigel looks on.

A great time to share the water together, not the usual way for two anglers to fish a small water, but good fish, magic weather, camaraderie and feeding browns made it a special session to guide two fine fly fishers.

The odd sighted wedgetail, wallaby and wild deer just added to the total enjoyment.

Jack breaks his duck

Jack’s first wild brown trout

Last day of November and Jack, a keen young river angler from NSW, gets his first wild brown on the dry.

A KOCPIT text book take (ie, Red Tag’s theory application).
Knowledge – studied the situation and applied he knew from
Observation – spinner hatch, sipping fish, water speed etc
Concentration – on the cast, the fly on the water
Presentation – gently put the fly upstream from the fish, no drag, on the line of the fishes beat
Imitation – was an emerger tied to imitate the hatching mayfly
Take – saw the fish take the fly, slower water – slight delay in lift – trout on. Well done Jack.

Success on the Edges


This backwater is usually dry (note fence on right) but the red spinner were out and fish feeding the edges.

Cast upstream with a Red Spinner (see Top flies) short drift, lift and bingo ‘fish-on!’ Simple when it all works to plan — why not every time? ask the trout.