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See our workshop flyer below – January, February, March & April dates all have spots open to get into Fly Fishing.

Introduce your loved one to a skill for life this Christmas – or shout yourself.

Vouchers available for this experience at a wild trout private fishery, with fantastic Lucky Gate prizes to be won!

All inclusive – check out the details and drop us a line.

You’ll never – never know if you don’t have a go.

Popular Fly Fishing Workshops are back

Following the great support we got from the Tasmanian fishing community learning and developing their Fly Fishing skills last season, Red Tag (Roger & Ray) are again combining with Ken Orr’s Trout Expeditions and The Highland Fly (Nick May) to offer one a month until April ‘22 – see flyer – for actual date each month and activity details.

Our sponsors are again providing great support for our workshop ‘Lucky Gate’ prizes and ‘Gift Bag’ dips, so there is much more to gain than fly fishing skills.

Early bookings recommended.

Bagged out – first day on the rivers!

Was Nick’s first time on the fly in the rivers, having spent previous trips on the lakes. This was a top steam wild brown 2+lbs excellent condition and first for the season on the Blue Damsel. Ray on hand with the net.

Playing the big one

Targeted wild brown

Next hook up – this time on the mayfly emerger.

Another top wild brown – Nick amazed at the size of the fish in such shallow runs!

Top team effort, Nick on the rod – Ray with the net.

The day was an early Christmas present from Nick’s wife and the plan was to gradually increase the degree of difficulty for Nick during the day to maximise his faster water introduction – with five to hand (all on the dry), a couple dropped and some fast water misses, it turned out a top day.

It is always rewarding when all goes to plan!

Top workshop at Herne waters

This was another great workshop/introduction to fly fishing day.

A bit windy, some rain … but fish to fly and to hand.

Some first timers on the fly getting ‘on grass’ instruction

Peter with his first ever on the fly to hand

Fantastic support from sponsors – TFO Fly Rods — Tonic Eyewear – Spot-On Hobart – Hurleys Fly World Melbourne

Youngest fisher Harry came in equal top rod for the day – one of his successes.

Rod was the other top rod of the day – one of his fish a very good wild brown.

A tough day at the Office

This was a usually gentle, slow flowing lowlands stream early in November 2021. After so much rain and saturated ground, by mid-month it was just all run-off and floods.

Ray (Red Tag) working with Paul along the edges. Great day weather-wise, a few mayfly quality backwaters … but no fish!

However, Paul did learn lots about currents, drifts , nymphing, and wet fly backwater searching.

No Fishing — No Fee

As we move into the new Tasmanian trout fishing season, we are well aware of the concern the current lockdowns and border restrictions are having on travel confidence around the country. At Red Tag Trout Tours we confirm that if your bookings is effected by Covid travel constraints, then we will either:

• Roll over your booking to a mutually agreeable date – or
• Refund in full your deposit should a cancellation be necessary.

If you feel like flicking a fly over our waters, please check out our Bookings Calendar for available dates.

Another top spawning run

Result of mid-June rains on the Eastern half of Tassie at Currawong Lakes.

Wild brown on their way up the spawning creek. This is the second consecutive year these well-timed rains have given the lakes perfect spawning conditions.

It also puts the eastern rivers into flood conditions – Macquarie & South Esk catchments that helps produce early season wild browns like this!

Bring on Spring!

New face in Red Tag

As part of the Red Tag succession plan, this is Ray Curran casting his lot in with us. The plan is over the next season or two, Ray will be an integral part of our operations and as his knowledge of Red Tag’s waters, services and clients grow I can gradually retire from the more challenging jobs to eventually pass the business over to Ray.

Ray has already started working with us last season on our workshops and his background in similar projects in the past with the Bronte Fly Fishing School is standing him in good stead. Added to the fact he has been a fly fisher for decades and run his own trout fishing accessories business – Beyond Trout – puts him in an excellent position to value add what Red Tag already provides in our service range.

Ray is also a dab hand on the BBQ. He is on the left with the tongs along with Nick May & Ken Orr who ran the workshops with us. What it will mean on many jobs during the 21/22 season you may well get two for the price of one as Ray gains the added knowledge required.