Workshops are back

Following on from recent seasons Red Tag Trout Tours, in conjunction with Shannon and Ken Orr from Orrsome Trout Tours, will once again be running a series of Beginner/Novice Fly Fishing Workshops throughout the 2024/2025 Season.

These will again be held at Herne Lodge in the Central Highlands which is a private lake with a beautiful little cabin on the lake’s edge. The lake is full of wild brown trout and generally a day’s fishing there reaps some great rewards. All gear is supplied from rods, reels, waders, flies as well as a BBQ lunch and beverages for the day.

At just $325.00 per person for the day this is great value. So if you are interested, or you know of anyone who may be, please book your spot to make sure you are locked in. Please note on the attached Brochure that there will be one Workshop per month and there are a couple of Sundays in this mix.

As usual there will be lucky door prizes for each Workshop with a grand prize at the end of the season for one lucky angler. Prizes are supplied by our great Sponsors: Hurley’s Fly Fishing, Spot On Fishing Connection, Williams Outdoors, E J Todd, TFO and TONIC Sunglasses.

Hope to see you there.

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Prizewinning fishing …

One hell of a fight there, Justin

Recently I had the pleasure of guiding two lucky US anglers who won a prize in one of their Association Auctions for a day’s guiding on our Midlands Rivers.

In the beginning …

Justin and Joshua are members of Trout Unlimited and were finally able to get to Tasmania this March to take up their prize.

Although the weather was again quite nice and things looked good to begin with, the fishing was very sparse.

Searching, searching …

A picture of concentration …

Still, both guys loved the countryside and the experience and many a big tale was told that night over dinner.

It was a pleasure to be part of the prize list for Trout Unlimited and Red Tag looks forward to possible future involvement.

The Lake River is a beautiful spot

The Boys and Ray

… with Big Roger

Sleepy head at the Lake Leake Hotel …

Tight fishing

Nice brown trout there for Kim … well done

Another couple from the US is out to enjoy our wild brown trout adventures.

Jim & Kim had a lovely time in Tasmania and although the fishing was at times a bit tight, they did manage to snag a few nice wild browns on their trip.

Jim’s feisty little brown gets him on the board too

Jim & Kim ready for their adventure

Kim and the Guide

The couple that fish together … lovely spot

Elusive wild browns …

Beautiful casting in tight spaces by Katie

Neil & Katie

Neil and Katie wanted to try out some river and stream fishing in our Midlands and picked a beautiful couple of days weather-wise, unfortunately, our wild browns were hard to come by.

Still, the experience was well worth the venture.

Neil searching high and low

Going deep

Lovely water to search in

The end of a couple of warm days, time to relax

Busy season

Such lovely waters to explore

February and March are certainly busy periods for Red Tag and this season has been no exception.

Several anglers from the US have made the journey to Tasmania and taken time to fish for our beautiful brown trout.

Jim and Shellie

Jim and Shellie from Colorado spent three days searching on our waterways with some mixed results however they thoroughly loved the scenery and the places they fished.

Finally landed one after some long searching

Now that’s better

The sunny and hot conditions kept a lot of fish down deep but as Jim said, “The experience was well worth it.” I hope to see you both again one day.

Jom and Shellie working the river

Shellie and Gandalf (Roger Butler)

Returning for more

Peter and Elizabeth have been long time clients with Red Tag over the years and 2024 saw them back to do what they love doing … fly fishing.

Are we having fun or not?

Over three days they had varying waters from private lakes to running streams and although the weather made the first day a bit hard they did nonetheless pick up a few but it was the last couple of days when things came together very nicely.

A fine catch at Currawong Lakes for Elizabeth

From a nice trout with a Cormorant strike in its side, to a snake dozing on the path, to eagles soaring above … it’s a tough life but someone has to do it.

Cormorant strike on a nice brown

Peter and Elizabeth love their dry fly fishing and the final day saw four beauties caught, easily that many lost and fish appearing everywhere.

I’ve got two now

Just fishing the margins with some intelligent casting saw the results begin.

Mine’s bigger

Another great trip and no doubt they will be back for more.

The end of another great day

From Saltwater to a Freshwater Stream

From saltwater to a freshwater stream, let’s get this little rod working.

Chris has been a long time saltwater fly fisherman in Queensland and was coming to Tasmania with his wife for a holiday and thought, why not try some freshwater fly fishing?

Into the stream and working the lines, Chris had action straight away.

It was a great decision. The beautiful river he spent the day on certainly turned it on for him at 26 degrees and blue skies and by the end of the day he had 10 to the net, 6 lost and at least another 15 or so coming at the fly.

First of 10 for the day, quick and feisty little buggers … the big ones came later.

Catch and release to fight another day.

As he said when we were wrapping up.

“I’ve been saltwater fly fishing for years so trying a small river was all new to me.

The anticipation all day was that every cast was going to catch a fish … and it was very close to that.

“I never thought that in such a small river, over the short distance that took us all day to cover, I’d see so many fish, big and small, and have such fun. I’ll be back. What a beautiful location.”

What a beautiful stretch of countryside to spend the day on.

That’s what we like to hear Chris.

The end of the day saw a couple of very happy smiles.

Stirring the soul

Towards the end of 2023 Red Tag Trout Tours had an extremely productive period for our clients on both rivers and private lakes. Some were old hands, some were newbies but overall everyone had a lot of fun, learnt a lot and we’re sure they will be back again for more. Hope this montage stirs the soul.

Location, Location, Location. Pascoe enjoyed a beautiful day on the river with some surprising results and feisty fish.

Seek and ye shall find. One of many that Pascoe brought to the net that day.

Some of our spots are just lovely to be in and Andrew found this pool full of activity.

Andrew had a great time stalking and bringing a few to the net.

Mark and his family ready for the day.

Well it was the Ladies who bagged the fish on the day but a lot of enjoyment was had all round.

Paul has been with Red Tag now for some time and every time he returns he simply loves his days on the water. This day was no exception.

Add another one to Paul’s tally.