Tasmania’s trout fishery on the rise

Recent figures from our Government recreational fishery service IFS (Inland Fishery Service) are very encouraging on the rebound of local anglers licence sales and the highest sales of Interstate licences sold on the last 12 seasons!

After heavy mainland Australia marketing competition by Victoria’s trout fishery and others, a decline (perceived or otherwise) in the management and quality of the fishery the local and visiting angler numbers dropped away.

The current team at IFS have introduced new management strategies, improved hatching facilities and developed the popular waters concept for major population centres fisheries that have rapidly improved the fishery and turned the participation rates around.

Also reinforcing the wild brown fishery concept by looking to raise the vast majority of hatchlings from wild stock, both brown and rainbow, not domestic.

So come on down to Tasmania and chase some wild brown trout, plus others, the fishing (in my view) is the best its been for the last decade or more.

Oh, and if you like stalking, wading and hunting secluded waters and feeding wily wild browns in rivers or streams, then Red Tag knows where they are, how to find them and what to tempt them with.