A worthy tale of tailing trout

Drew from NSW has only been fly fishing for a few years and had never experienced a day like it! The area between the bank and the reed beds on his right were dry only 76 hours before.
An easterly low drift over Tasmania with about 100mm of rain falling around these Currawong Lakes. Then mother nature ‘did her thing’. The water levels rose about 300mm over 48 hrs, lovely (only slightly coloured inflows) rising waters covering the shallow edges resulting in what we in Tasmania love in the early season, ‘tailing’ sighted feeding trout.

Using one of our own fly (Fur Fly) patterns, Drew was mesmerised by the activity of the fish. Wild browns up to 4lbs+ chasing frogs and tadpoles, some less than a metre from the edge in 100mm of water just took your breath away.

this one released was just over 2.5lbs, one of a number to the fly. We estimated in less than two hours Drew cast to 20 or so feeding fish, none more than 3m from the edge.

Drew got this very healthy rainbow earlier in the day on a Red Tag tied Woolly Bugger.
It was the best day’s tailing trout fishing I have seen in Tasmania and renewed my spirits for the season ahead.