Great local support for workshops in tough season!

During this season, following the onset the national lockdowns and pandemic, Red Tag, Ken Orr’s Trout Expeditions and Nick May’s The Highland Fly got together and set up some fly fishing workshops.

We launched thinking maybe one or two groups would be interested in an introduction to the art of the fly!

Well – five workshops later – and around 50 attendees with a 50/50 split between males & females we were blown away by the response.

Top teaching water – safe wading – excellent open grasslands for casting instruction and wild brown trout.

Beginners groups on the grass.

Wild browns to bring a big grin to a young flyfisher’s face.

An even bigger grin and bigger brown …

One of the ladies into a big wild brown.

For those doing a repeat class, some theory on gear selection – vest set up – wets, nymphs & dries why, when & how discussions.

Having seen the above, we are now determined to put aside a number of dates for the 21/22 season. We will be advertising the dates well in advance and getting flyers out to the key fishing stores about the state.