A regular ‘Tagger’ has top day

Fist pump from Roy is well deserved – Ray successfully netted the best river wild brown of the day!

This was the reason, 2.5lb+ (420MM) brownie on the #3wt.

Another small water success on the dry – morning it was emergers and afternoon ‘hoppers.

With this feisty wild brown, Roy achieved something special – a Double Take! Yes, the same fish was caught twice within 15 minutes. Not only that but it took the same ‘hopper pattern twice and we got back the original ‘hopper fly – these were the only two we have left of that tie. Roy & Ray can hardly believe it!

In all some 16 or so fish to the fly – all on the dry – and double figures to hand, all safely released. Season-high (so far) on this water.