Shane has his ‘best day on the dry’ with Red Tag

Shane Mensforth is the owner/editor of the South Australian Angler and much enjoys his Tasmanian trout fly fishing adventures. However, up until this last trip, he had yet to strike ‘the right day on the river’ scenario with Red Tag, although we have been saying what fun it can be on light gear on the right day!

First fish sighted on the top, sipping emerging mayfly – strike 1 to Shane.

Shane ‘at work’, another wild brown, with Ray doing the guiding work. Note the day improvement and jacket off!

Another plump wild river brown, by this time the ‘hopper pattern was doing the job.

With another safely in the net and something like 18 to the fly on the dry for the day, what started out as an overcast, tough-looking task, turned out trumps.