Top day at the Great Lake Tie-in

What a great day at the 2022 Great Lake Tie-in this year and so good to be back after three years of Covid lockdowns!

To recognize the hard work and passion that the late Graham Blight had put into re-establishing this annual highlands event pre-Covid, this year marked the first Annual Graham Blight Memorial tying competition. To honour him, the Tying committee chose the Blue Damsel that Graham and I designed over 35 years ago (and is still takes plenty of fish) as their first year’s pattern. This is the ‘Tying Kit’ each competitor was issued with prior to commencement. Top effort by Tom on their committee to put these together.

Entries mounted prior to judging – preliminary by Steve Starling and myself – final be Ken Orr. In the end, all three judges were unanimous on the places with –

Tim Urbanc a very proud and popular winner.

All placegetters received a plaque to keep.
I was personally delighted when Marion Blight – (Graham’s widow) was invited by the tie-in Chair to present the awards, a fitting tribute and way to wrap up the comp. Here we are looking over the entries, awards and winners envelopes. TGALT and Red Tag Trout tours jointly sponsored the competition and we couldn’t have been happier with the way the day was organised and managed.

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