From Saltwater to a Freshwater Stream

From saltwater to a freshwater stream, let’s get this little rod working.

Chris has been a long time saltwater fly fisherman in Queensland and was coming to Tasmania with his wife for a holiday and thought, why not try some freshwater fly fishing?

Into the stream and working the lines, Chris had action straight away.

It was a great decision. The beautiful river he spent the day on certainly turned it on for him at 26 degrees and blue skies and by the end of the day he had 10 to the net, 6 lost and at least another 15 or so coming at the fly.

First of 10 for the day, quick and feisty little buggers … the big ones came later.

Catch and release to fight another day.

As he said when we were wrapping up.

“I’ve been saltwater fly fishing for years so trying a small river was all new to me.

The anticipation all day was that every cast was going to catch a fish … and it was very close to that.

“I never thought that in such a small river, over the short distance that took us all day to cover, I’d see so many fish, big and small, and have such fun. I’ll be back. What a beautiful location.”

What a beautiful stretch of countryside to spend the day on.

That’s what we like to hear Chris.

The end of the day saw a couple of very happy smiles.