Scratching a seven year itch

Alastair, from Queensland, was last here in 2014. This time a combination of still waters (Currawong Lakes) and small streams soon got him back into the swing. While day 1 provided some excellent hook-ups, these strong and weighty fish proved hard to bring to hand — break-offs and dropped fish prevailed. Whereas, first pool on … Continue reading Scratching a seven year itch

Skills rekindled in style!

Charles had not been on the water for some years, but was keen to get back on the water when in Tassie recently. This nice Currawong wild brown on the Blue Damsel was just the ticket to christen a sage #5wt his dad had given him some time back. Then it was soon another sighted, … Continue reading Skills rekindled in style!

Top day on small water – #3wt delights

Phil – 1st client for 2021! With the wetter summer, good flows in small streams means well defined ‘bubble line’ promising good fishing. It wasn’t long before Phil hooked up – ‘where are you going’ seems to be the question to the fish. A nice bend in the #3wt here. Although not big, well conditioned … Continue reading Top day on small water – #3wt delights

Good family workshop – mum provides

‘Cheeky’ addition to Red Tag and family shot – Ray joins Red Tag as assistant. Family group, (from left) Ben, Tahlia, Tom & Ken) self in background. Tahlia strikes first with a nice wild brown that the was destined for the BBQ lunch. … followed up by a neat netting job from Ben. Tahlia does … Continue reading Good family workshop – mum provides

Back after long break

Lachlan checks his back cast — after 8 year break in fly fishing workshop! Spots a feeding trout in this backwater and starts to stalk. Fish moves away along the backwater, need to follow and keep low profile. Good movement identifies position … on with the Blue Damsel! Yes! Hook up … only took 1.25 … Continue reading Back after long break

Borders open and long time friends return

Mik from NSW was keen to get back to Tassie after 18 years away! As you can see tough day weather wise, but still a good number of hook ups. Some good sized fish — with clever intent — hard run straight into the weed bed! Despite some excellent stalking techniques, none to hand, with … Continue reading Borders open and long time friends return

Big catches for early season

UPDATE: This is owner of Currawong Lakes – Richard – with that ‘creek bound’ trout John was casting to. Amazing the size in such small water – now safely back in Lake Macquarie! This was an amazing moment … in the pool in front of John, there was a 4lb+ trout that had gone up … Continue reading Big catches for early season

Workshop was a blast …

Literally. Snow and 2°C on arrival … but there were fish! Some sighted, some missed, some lost and some to hand! With warm clothes, full waders and a hearty fire, all enjoyed it and learned heaps. Ladies first – Shauna lands the first one Rodger, closest beginner to camera, almost had the ‘golden start’ to … Continue reading Workshop was a blast …