Prizewinning fishing …

One hell of a fight there, Justin Recently I had the pleasure of guiding two lucky US anglers who won a prize in one of their Association Auctions for a day’s guiding on our Midlands Rivers. In the beginning … Justin and Joshua are members of Trout Unlimited and were finally able to get to … Continue reading Prizewinning fishing …

Tight fishing

Nice brown trout there for Kim … well done Another couple from the US is out to enjoy our wild brown trout adventures. Jim & Kim had a lovely time in Tasmania and although the fishing was at times a bit tight, they did manage to snag a few nice wild browns on their trip. … Continue reading Tight fishing

Elusive wild browns …

Beautiful casting in tight spaces by Katie Neil & Katie Neil and Katie wanted to try out some river and stream fishing in our Midlands and picked a beautiful couple of days weather-wise, unfortunately, our wild browns were hard to come by. Still, the experience was well worth the venture. Neil searching high and low … Continue reading Elusive wild browns …

Busy season

Such lovely waters to explore February and March are certainly busy periods for Red Tag and this season has been no exception. Several anglers from the US have made the journey to Tasmania and taken time to fish for our beautiful brown trout. Jim and Shellie Jim and Shellie from Colorado spent three days searching … Continue reading Busy season

Returning for more

Peter and Elizabeth have been long time clients with Red Tag over the years and 2024 saw them back to do what they love doing … fly fishing. Are we having fun or not? Over three days they had varying waters from private lakes to running streams and although the weather made the first day … Continue reading Returning for more

From Saltwater to a Freshwater Stream

From saltwater to a freshwater stream, let’s get this little rod working. Chris has been a long time saltwater fly fisherman in Queensland and was coming to Tasmania with his wife for a holiday and thought, why not try some freshwater fly fishing? Into the stream and working the lines, Chris had action straight away. … Continue reading From Saltwater to a Freshwater Stream

Second cast a winner

Andrew is from Victoria and has been with Red Tag several times. With a slightly overcast morning, there was an excellent flow in the river and, I should have said this to start with … Andrew caught his first brown on his second cast and it took 10 seconds from the moment we first got … Continue reading Second cast a winner

Vanessa’s triumphant return

First introduced Vanessa to fly fishing some 16 years ago; this was her first two days on the rivers since then. Wow! First cast after lunch Day 1 and another one to the net … hadn’t even gotten in the water. Yet more success on day 1… which turned out to be a record day … Continue reading Vanessa’s triumphant return