Toe in – Trout out!

Recently Ray & I decided to take a look at some of our favourite river spots and check things out. When we pulled up for a coffee and muffin I said to Ray, while we are here, why don’t you put a #3wt together and ‘put a toe in the water so to speak?’ ‘Don’t … Continue reading Toe in – Trout out!

Shane has his ‘best day on the dry’ with Red Tag

Shane Mensforth is the owner/editor of the South Australian Angler and much enjoys his Tasmanian trout fly fishing adventures. However, up until this last trip, he had yet to strike ‘the right day on the river’ scenario with Red Tag, although we have been saying what fun it can be on light gear on the … Continue reading Shane has his ‘best day on the dry’ with Red Tag

Great to welcome returning regulars

Roy and Gail with ‘Red Tag’ Ray (centre) after a successful session at Currawong Lakes. Where was that lunch bite …? On Ray’s arm … Blue Damsels both top trout and welcome swallow menu items. ‘Land-rocked’ shark!! Gail on to another wild brown river fish. Both had a top day on the river. Top trip … Continue reading Great to welcome returning regulars

New face in Red Tag

As part of the Red Tag succession plan, this is Ray Curran casting his lot in with us. The plan is over the next season or two, Ray will be an integral part of our operations and as his knowledge of Red Tag’s waters, services and clients grow I can gradually retire from the more … Continue reading New face in Red Tag

Last day for 2020/2021 season

Keith was our last angler on the wild brown trout rivers for the 20/21 season. Nice combination of native tea-tree and changing hawthorns lining the banks. A beautiful autumn day, cool light winds meant little rising. But a couple took a ‘hopper pattern only to take Keith under the overhangs and escape. This plump little … Continue reading Last day for 2020/2021 season

Still flooded two days on

A couple of days later, just as the rain was clearing – John & Chris returned. The sign’s base and where Chris is standing was dry ground two days prior The creek was barely a trickle between small pools, but this one was sighted fossicking around. A fat, well fed 3lbs+ wild brown for John. … Continue reading Still flooded two days on

More ‘Taggers return – along with the rain!

Regulars, Peter & Elizabeth from Queensland, returned for, what was hoped, a couple of lovely days at Currawong Lakes. They had left Queensland during the massive Eastern states March downpour and dodged the rain and floods all the way to Tasmania. On the water with some blue patches overhead and early success … A nice … Continue reading More ‘Taggers return – along with the rain!