More international success!

With a couple of milestone firsts as icing on the cake. Kevin (from USA) gets the very first stream catch for the season on the Blue Damsel! This nice 1.5lb wild brown trout sighted leaping after damsels in the reed bed was the result. Then ‘Becky’ is delighted with the even better one on the … Continue reading More international success!

The dry’s have it

Brian & Ann, from USA, had the first real dry fly day late October. No ‘world beaters’ size-wise this time, but it was our first double figure to hand day of the season which made it all the more enjoyable. Some nice emerger action straight after lunch for Ann. Then Brian gets onto one of … Continue reading The dry’s have it

Good early season signs

Good flow in the river, but not in flood levels would indicate that we will have an early mayfly hatch this year. Excellent wading conditions for such an early period in the season. Both these river shots were taken in mid-September (early spring), which would indicate an early hatch this season and early October to … Continue reading Good early season signs

Tassie’s trout win over Pro Angler Team

Here are just two stills from an action-packed video from the Bentleigh Pro-Angler team. Click here to view the YouTube video. Gavin & Eddie, from Pro Angler, Bentleigh, had been ‘talking’ about coming over to film and fish in Tasmania for our wild trout, ever since Tourism Tasmania and Red Tag Trout Tours have been … Continue reading Tassie’s trout win over Pro Angler Team

The winning flies

Having just completed a very good fishing season, I thought it appropriate to look back at the flies that stood out and review Red Tag’s Dangerous Dozen. Dries: First choice is still the dark brown para-emerger – especially through the October to mid-December mayfly period, and first up through summer and autumn. See tying instructions … Continue reading The winning flies

Tasmania & tradition

Marcus (a regular with Red Tag), leaves his Tasmanian handmade Peter McKean cane rod in the state and comes down regularly to visit rod and fish with both being very active on each occasion, as shown above with the third fish at the top of the first pool! All this action was on dry flies, … Continue reading Tasmania & tradition

Damsel duck broken early

Philippe, a first time ‘Red Tagger,’ gets our first river fish of the season on the Blue Damsel fly. Spotted doing the usual leaping clear of the water feeding trick, Philippe sighted, stalked and presented the Blue Damsel spot on. It augurs well for the coming summer opportunities! This hook-up was literally a bee’s knee … Continue reading Damsel duck broken early

Success on last trip of the season

Day 1 saw some good fish to hand on a #14 brass bead-head nymph. Although we release the vast majority of fish, this one of Ben’s supplied a nice entree that night. Day 2 belonged to Peter, with the only single day trifecta of the season – one on the wet, one on the nymph … Continue reading Success on last trip of the season