The Internationals Fight Back

After the hiding the combination of weather and fish gave us on the last outing it was a very relieved guide that reports on a most successful UK duo’s day at Currawong for the last January trip. John had done a little and Di no fly fishing to date, had a great shore-based lakes fishing … Continue reading The Internationals Fight Back

International flavour to fly fishing

This season is turning out to have a real international flavour. Over the December–January period we have had South African, Americans, Danes, Singaporeans, Scots and German fly fishing clients plus all Australian states and territories except WA or the NT, but the season is far from over yet! Although only in its infancy, Tasmania’s international … Continue reading International flavour to fly fishing

Lifting Tasmania’s guided trout fishing industry

Red Tag, Tourism Tasmania and Trout Guides & Lodges Tasmania combined to lift the awareness and profile of Tasmania’s world quality wild trout guided fly fishing experiences to the anglers of SE Queensland. It was a very well attended and full-on show from the 30th Aug to 2nd Sept. at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, … Continue reading Lifting Tasmania’s guided trout fishing industry

This book was made for walking

Red Taggers, and other visitors to Hobart, may be interested in a new top selling publication that was recently launched by arguably Australia’s best know power walker, Prime Minister John Howard, called A Walk in Old Hobart. It is a joint effort by Red Tag friends Mike Tatlow and Charles Wooley and an excellent read full of Hobart’s heritage … Continue reading This book was made for walking

Keeping the pests out

Didymo action update: Tasmania is a desease free trout fishery and our waters are free of Didymo and we want to keep it that way. As our season is just starting, thought the following would be a timely reminder to visiting anglers., or anglers coming / returning to Tasmania after New Zealand.      Check, Clean, Dry: CHECK: Before you … Continue reading Keeping the pests out

Just one more sleep!

That’s right, Tasmania’s 2007/08 wild brown trout season opens tomorrow, August 4, and runs to April 27 2008. That means the heart and sole of Red Tag’s environment, the rivers and streams are on again. Not that there is much fly activity this time of year, we are still in winter downunder, down under, snow … Continue reading Just one more sleep!

Season’s Availability

Introducing our new availability calendar for the coming 2007/08 season. We will keep this updated so when looking at your next, or first, Tasmanian fly fishing adventure with us you can check out availability and sort out what best suits your travel time. August 4 is opening day for Tasmania’s famed wild brown trout, so … Continue reading Season’s Availability

Tasmania’s trout fishery on the rise

Recent figures from our Government recreational fishery service IFS (Inland Fishery Service) are very encouraging on the rebound of local anglers licence sales and the highest sales of Interstate licences sold on the last 12 seasons! After heavy mainland Australia marketing competition by Victoria’s trout fishery and others, a decline (perceived or otherwise) in the … Continue reading Tasmania’s trout fishery on the rise