August action

The brown trout season in Tasmania traditionally opens on the first Saturday in August and closes the last Sunday in April. As August is our last month of winter, it is normally cold with little or no fly life and dry fly fishing very limited. River and stream fishing is best around the lowland waters … Continue reading August action

New Season opening soon

Tasmania’s wild brown trout season will open on the 4th August 2012 and run through till the 28th April 2013. These waters, including the rivers and streams form the bulk of our trout fishing with the rainbow waters opening on the 29th Sept 2012 and closing 2nd June 2013. We had good early winter rains … Continue reading New Season opening soon

New season is going to be a cracker …

That is right, how time flies! It’s on again from August 6 and time to: shake down the gear, grease the reels, clean the fly line. madly start tying (or buying) flies, check, clean and dry the ‘old waders’ (leaks in early season are very cold!) From having a proper winter down here this year, … Continue reading New season is going to be a cracker …

Wild Brown Trout Season Opens

That’s right, the new Tasmanian brown trout season has started. Good north of state rains during winter have meant the lowland rivers and streams will have a strong flow and be somewhat coloured for the first few weeks. However, expect mid to late Spring mayfly, etc, to be good again. Southern waters have had little … Continue reading Wild Brown Trout Season Opens

Tasmania’s fly fishing seasons

My very interactive web master Allan has raised the question when does our (Tasmania’s) trout season end? As he explained to me, you know it, it’s your business, but many of your interstate and international clients and site visitors do not! The current (2007/08) wild brown fishing season ends at midnight on Sunday — 27 … Continue reading Tasmania’s fly fishing seasons

Busy, busy, busy …

Just a quick note of apology to my clients since Christmas and regular visitors for the lack of updates lately! Thanks to all who have booked with us, January through to Easter, has been flat out. Now have time to catch up a little, with some great dry fly fishing and good times still available … Continue reading Busy, busy, busy …

Keeping the pests out

Didymo action update: Tasmania is a desease free trout fishery and our waters are free of Didymo and we want to keep it that way. As our season is just starting, thought the following would be a timely reminder to visiting anglers., or anglers coming / returning to Tasmania after New Zealand.      Check, Clean, Dry: CHECK: Before you … Continue reading Keeping the pests out

Tasmania’s trout fishery on the rise

Recent figures from our Government recreational fishery service IFS (Inland Fishery Service) are very encouraging on the rebound of local anglers licence sales and the highest sales of Interstate licences sold on the last 12 seasons! After heavy mainland Australia marketing competition by Victoria’s trout fishery and others, a decline (perceived or otherwise) in the … Continue reading Tasmania’s trout fishery on the rise