Change is in the air

One of the exciting things about Red Tag Trout Tours is the fact that we have so many women who fly fish with us, or who we have helped to start their journey with this beautiful sport.

This montage is only a snippet of the many women who have taken up this opportunity over the seasons, some local, some from interstate and some who have travelled great distances from overseas to fish in our rivers and some special lakes.

Some have been fly fishing for years, whilst some have caught their first fish on their first day of learning. But what I’ve seen in recent years is a definite uptake of women anglers which is fantastic and we hope that it continues for many years.

Second cast a winner

Andrew is from Victoria and has been with Red Tag several times. With a slightly overcast morning, there was an excellent flow in the river and, I should have said this to start with … Andrew caught his first brown on his second cast and it took 10 seconds from the moment we first got in the river to start the action.

Searching through the various spots the trout came to life when the gentle breeze died down and the sun came out. With the temperature rising the trout began taking emergers. One big pool alone netted four browns without Andrew raising a sweat.

Blue damsels were starting to move about the edges and the odd one or two fell prey to leaping trout.

A couple of the browns that were spotted and stalked were in the vicinity of a good 2lb and swam around us at one point but they were wary.

All up it was a very good day.

Smooth transition for Red Tag …

Over the last two years or so visitors to this blog will have noticed a new guiding face, Ray Curran, working alongside me and with clients on the water. This has been part of our succession plan with Ray taking over Red Tag Trout Tours as I stepped back gradually.

I am very pleased to announce that, from the beginning of July this year this plan is now a success with Ray the new owner/operator of the business.

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Introducing Ray Curran

With the recent retirement of Roger from Red Tag Trout Tours after 27 years of running a magnificent guiding business, time is now allowing him to enjoy the rest of his life and to concentrate on writing his memoirs and tying flies and of course telling big stories.

I would like to introduce myself formally to everyone out there in Red Tag land and thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and commitment over the years to the values and principles of what Red Tag Trout Tours stands for.

Some of Roger’s loyal customers I have met in recent years, some I may never meet sadly and of course I am looking forward to meeting both old and new alike in the coming seasons.

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2023-24 Workshops now open

Great opportunity to get into fly fishing, learn more or dust off rusty skills …
Our Herne Waters 23/24 workshop dates are now open for bookings – see details in brochures:

  • Top-level instruction – decades of experience
  • Private wild brown trout water
  • All-inclusive – all gear (as required), BBQ lunch, refreshments, etc
  • Casting – introduction – wild trout fishing sessions
  • Entomology – fly choices – matching the hatch
  • Fish habitat information
  • Excellent gift voucher opportunity
  • Great sponsor ‘lucky gate’ prizes
  • All-weather, with wood fire, Cabin

Book early:
… An early workshop (pre Christmas is a great way to have the rest of the season to gain experience
… Positions are limited in all workshops!

Vanessa’s triumphant return

First introduced Vanessa to fly fishing some 16 years ago; this was her first two days on the rivers since then.

Wow! First cast after lunch Day 1 and another one to the net … hadn’t even gotten in the water.

Yet more success on day 1… which turned out to be a record day for Vanessa.

Lovely evening light in which to cast a fly … magic Tassie autumn time.

First up Day 2. Likely looking fellow….

Actual size when netted! Feisty one that.

By the end of Day 2, Vanessa was delivering some very good casts in tight situations and getting just rewards.

Returning Western Australian small river lover has another top day!

This was Anthony’s 5th to hand pre-lunch … all on the dry!

Straight after lunch No 6 … just kept getting better

… and bigger.

Feisty, top condition small water wild browns … fantastic fun.

Fish now behind you guys … Final count 11 to the net (equal top single angler season total) and 19 to the fly!