Stream skills workshop

Local angler Lyn wanted to get some more experience on smaller waters and streams, and this day turned out to be a beauty.

Having never used an outfit as light as a 3wt before, gave some early challenges, but much pleasure as the day progressed, this cast resulting in a lively wild brown to hand.

Handling some tight spots really well, it was touch and go whether I got the 3wt out of Lyn’s hands at day’s end! Believe she now has her own 3wt and probably longing for the current crisis to be over to use it.

Phil the Provider

Regular ‘Tagger Phil came back with his mates Darce, BT and Trev to enjoy a break at Currawong Lakes, fly fishing and the clays. This excellent 3-lb+ provided entree for the five of us again.
The boys had all the excuses, missed, break-offs, lost, etc, but Phil, came through for the second trip running in the ‘hunter-gatherer’ stakes.

Darce (in the foreground & BT in the corner) tried hard …

This was the best ‘bird’s nest’ of the day, not bad with an unweighted nymph as the single fly set up.

Even a committed effort by Trev, after a leaping brown in the late afternoon didn’t change to situation.
Well boys, it looks like another year of Phil’s fish stories.

Father and son on rivers and lakes

Mel and son Chris (right) had a good combination trip with us.

Chris had the toughest afternoon introduction to fly fishing, 35km winds and no rises.

Mel gets a good wild brown on the Blue Damsel, while Chris records action for family.

Then Chris’ turn, again on the damsel, sighted stalked and hooked … but then fish spat hook.

Another one on for Chris, this one on a dropper under a dry … took Chris into the backing twice, before snagging him up some 30 metres away. Chris was one of the best learners to casting I can recall.
Everything right, presentation, accuracy, excellent stalker, but the fish refused to play ball. Reckon between missed takes, lost fish and break-offs he had ten or more to the fly but yet to get one to hand.

Finally! On the rivers, this one got to hand, lively river wild brown …

Mel also got this 4lb beauty on the dry in the late evening at Currawong.

Red Tag regulars have top trip

Peter & Elizabeth working as a well-polished team again. They love both still and river work, with Elizabeth taking the honours on the rivers.

Elizabeth again, this time on Day Une on Currawong Lakes at Long Marsh – another lovely brown

Peter also enjoyed success on the lakes.

However, it was Elizabeth’s trout, top rod each day … well done Elizabeth!

Californians are back

Stan & Louise from California will have to ‘come back again’ to get a Tassie wild brown to hand.

Having only the day, being from a cruise ship in port at Hobart, they had to make the most of every chance.

Louise got the closest with a very good brown (on the Blue Damsel) breaking off at the net.

Stan trying a ‘hopper on a deeper pool … fish seen, hooked, but none to hand.
Definitely need to come back.

Regular ‘Tagger gets the Currawong Lakes Slam

One of John’s best ever days on Currawong Lakes, with the wild browns returning. This was part of the Slam — at least one fish from each of their three lakes on the same day.

There was action aplenty on all three — this resulted in another top brown to hand.

This excellent rainbow was from the top lake (Currawong).

Next to come — the Grand Slam with at least a rainbow and a brown from each lake in the same day.

All on the dries with Blue Damsels, mayfly emerger and adult red spinner patterns successful.

John also loves the rivers and streams of Tassie, so we combine a day or so there with the private lakes fishing.

First wild stream fish on the ‘hopper pattern gives John some fun on his favourite stalker Aire #2wt.