Long time friend has top river day!

Colin, known since my advertising days 30+ years ago had a top rivers outing

From the start, on the emerger, Colin was into it and the trout ‘were on’
High fives the order of the day

Angler and guide on the stalk …

Yes! Presentation … right fly … right place … right timing. Fish to hand, fish dropped and those quick ones missed … around 25 + to the fly!

Father + son combo set high bar on the rivers

Robert and son Jack had a red letter time on the river a few days ago. With something like 40+ fish to the fly between them. Cherry-ripe supply was under great threat. Jack ended up on top ‘fish to net’ count with 12, dad netted 7.

Ray netting No 3 for Robert.
Jack unto No 2
They weren’t all big fish, but on light gear, great fun.

A good one heads downstream as Ray moves in to assist.

This was a really nice example of wild brown to hand (by Robert)… in the meantime, while photographing this, Jack got the jump on dad with three more!

…this was one of them.
By the way this was TOP ‘hopper action, the trout have waited weeks for it to start on our lowland waters … and my goodness it has! The best river day this season by far.

Michael gets full reward from family day on river

Family fly fishing day on the Macquarie, from left – Adrian, Roger, Danny and Michael. Danny intro day with Michael and Adrian adding experience.

Top river wild brown on the dry – mayfly emerger did the trick.

An even better one a little later on the adult ‘spinner’ mayfly pattern – with Adrian looking on

Twiggy water and light gear!

We did a special day with John, a regular Tagger, and Ray exploring new waters for light new gear. Here Ray is onto a lively wild brown on the #2wt.

John opted for his small #3wt and wasn’t out of the action all day.

John exploring some lovely runs and ripples.

Ray was laughing when returning this one, but John was fittingly top rod on the day.
It was a great day on light tackle and well worth another look.

Returning International has a great time

Dr Yoshi finally able to get back to Tasmania (from Japan) and on the dry fly again. Here he is admiring a nice river wild brown taken on the Blue Damsel.

Another top nick brown this time, again sighted and took the unweighted dark brown nymph just under the emerger.

Yoshi and Ray share a well executed plan to bring this one to hand, A lovely fish tucked under the bank.

A nifty piece of work by both angler and guide, and another cherry ripe is accounted for. Dr Yoshi enjoyed christening his new #2/3wt and #4wt rods on the trip.

Another returning father and son combo

Kieran (son) with a solid well-conditioned wild brown trout at Currawong Lakes. Had to abandon river plans … third flood in 8 weeks meant Currawong Lakes again great option.

Moment of truth – trout in net – Ray (guide) and client very happy.

Not to be outdone, dad Gary soon has another brown on.

Ray obliges with netting service.