Three Generations of Great Family Fun


Lou lands the first for the day and on the dry no less!

In my view, one of the most enjoyable ‘tough’ jobs a guide has is the introduction of people to fly fishing.

In this case, it was the first time on the fly for grandad, dad and son which makes it a special day, so when all succeed it is just great.

In this case Lou, grandad, was the longtime keen angler and determined to have a go on the fly while in Tasmania, with Peter, son, and Andrew, grandson), keen to try.

Think the smiles all round show they enjoyed the experience – and the results.


Peter enjoying his first up success


Andrew well in control of his first ever

First wild brown on the dry


Alan onto the first wild brown of the new season on the dry, the reliable dark brown emerger (one of Red Tag’s Dangerous Dozen) did it again.

Fish spotted after a couple of tentative sips on the surface and Alan presented the emerger in the right area, then down it went! 

Good early sign for the October mayfly hatches.

Lifting Tasmania’s guided trout fishing industry


Red Tag, Tourism Tasmania and Trout Guides & Lodges Tasmania combined to lift the awareness and profile of Tasmania’s world quality wild trout guided fly fishing experiences to the anglers of SE Queensland.

It was a very well attended and full-on show from the 30th Aug to 2nd Sept. at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank.

This had been a regular joint effort over the last five years or so and seen big increases in all numbers by the organizations involved.

This book was made for walking

Red Taggers, and other visitors to Hobart, may be interested in a new top selling publication that was recently launched by arguably Australia’s best know power walker, Prime Minister John Howard, called A Walk in Old Hobart.

It is a joint effort by Red Tag friends Mike Tatlow and Charles Wooley and an excellent read full of Hobart’s heritage and history told in a most relaxed and informative style.

If heading down to tour with us and looking to spend some time strolling in Hobart, let me know and I’ll include one in your Red Tag welcome pack, to learn more about it or get one direct, click here. Well worth the effort.

Keeping the pests out

Didymo action update: Tasmania is a desease free trout fishery and our waters are free of Didymo and we want to keep it that way. As our season is just starting, thought the following would be a timely reminder to visiting anglers., or anglers coming / returning to Tasmania after New Zealand.   
Check, Clean, Dry:
CHECK: Before you leave a river or lake, check items and leave debris at site. If you find any later, treat and put in rubbish. Do not wash down drains.
CLEAN: There are several ways to kill didymo. Choose the most practical treatment for your situation which will not adversely affect your gear.

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Just one more sleep!

That’s right, Tasmania’s 2007/08 wild brown trout season opens tomorrow, August 4, and runs to April 27 2008.

That means the heart and sole of Red Tag’s environment, the rivers and streams are on again.

Not that there is much fly activity this time of year, we are still in winter downunder, down under, snow caps are still on Hobart’s beautiful Mount Wellington, but we have gone past the shortest day and the fish are thinking about feeding again.

We have had some good cold days this winter to help kill off the germs and remind us that Spring is not far away when water levels are rising, those nymphs start moving, the insects start hatching and the trout start visibly feeding.

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Fly Fishing Workshops

workshop in action

“Fly fishing is an art, an art well worth the learning” maybe putting it a little on a pedestal, or should that be easel, but it is a great way to fish, not too difficult to get the hang of and once learned usually ends in being your preferred (if not only) way to fish.

In other words, it lets you stop and smell the roses while pursuing your fishing passion.
At Red Tag Trout Tours we offer a range of fly fishing workshop options, from short days to full (wild fish inclusive) days and extended tours that build on the day to day experiences covering still waters, rivers and streams and a variety of fly fishing techniques. You can even add in a session or two of fly tying as well.
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